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Safety First: The Importance of VPN for Business

Jack El KhouryCISO
August 4, 2020
vpn for business

As the business world continues to embed itself within the digital realm, the term “VPN” is increasingly discussed. This type of connectivity provides additional layers of security to any network, allowing users to protect their data fully while accessing geographically restricted content.

What Is a VPN and Why Do People Use It

VPN, or “Virtual Private Network.” is a secure encrypted connection between two networks or between a network and a particular user that helps ensure online anonymity. The VPN enables you to surf the internet while minimizing your digital footprint, even hiding it altogether. The VPN hides your network’s IP address, keeping your real identity and location hidden. 

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VPN for Business

Although VPN is popular for both corporate and individual clients, it is arguably much more critical for businesses that have access to an enormous amount of personally identifying data. A global VPN Gateway offers your office:

  • Data security
  • Manager control  
  • Remote work safety
  • Local presence
  • Seamless scaling

Data security

A quality VPN service ensures that only those authorized have access to internal data. Employees can quickly transfer sensitive information without fearing cyber attacks or leaks. A VPN is critical in this day and age.

Manager control

Although all of your activity will be hidden from outsiders, managers and other preconfigured administrators can access their team’s performance. This transparency helps supervisors to assess their teams’ performance and discern how to maximize productivity.

Remote work safety

Employees can safely access the corporate network with a reliable VPN even when logging in from outside the physical office. Teams can work remotely, placing their virtual locations according to their network settings, whether in their actual area or a different country.

Local presence

Another significant benefit of “Virtual Private Networks” is having the capability to change the IP location of the office or call center. You can bypass the geographical restrictions of the target area and enhance your local presence

For example, a South African VPN will make it easier to manage clients there. Same works for websites and other materials that are only available in a particular area.

Seamless scaling

With CommPeak’s VPN Gateway, you can add as many endpoints to your network as you need. As your business expands, our VPN can grow simultaneously. All you need to do is focus on your development. CommPeak takes care of the reset.

Secure Your Office Today

Ultimately, the best VPN providers can assist businesses of any size, protecting your office from cyber attacks, malware infections, and data leakage. Nevertheless, it’s also crucial to find a VPN vendor that can help you expand your local presence, allowing you to grow without hassle.

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