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Safety first: the importance of using VPN for business

Commpeak Blog

August 4, 2020

The term VPN gets mentioned more and more in conversations concerning the internet. Its benefits gain recognition among commonplace users and corporate entities like never before. A VPN connection provides an additional layer of security to the activities of a network or any of the individuals’ operations within it. It allows users to access geographically restricted content. So, let’s find out how it works and what it’s good for. 

What is a VPN and why people use it

VPN, or “Virtual Private Network.” is a secure encrypted connection between two networks or between a network and a particular user that helps ensure online anonymity. So, how does it work? First, let’s keep in mind that we all leave a digital footprint when using the internet. The whole internet can be imagined as space: you move around it, enter places, and move on. With an apparent digital footprint, it is easy to track anyone’s way around any type of space, just as it is in a city. But more importantly, you may be followed home whilst online just as in the physical world. 

A VPN is there to help you surf the internet while minimizing your digital footprint or hiding it all together. It encrypts all your online activities—everything you send and receive. VPN’s work by masking the original source of the request or transmission and then encrypting the data used by it, in fact your identity (IP address) will appear to the world as one of the many VPN routers around the world to keep your real identity hidden.

VPN for business

Today, VPN is popular among both corporate and individual clients. Primarily, individuals use it for anonymity and access to the services that are not available in their area. As for the benefits of corporate use, VPN services can help secure the entire online processes in an organization, facilitate safe remote access, and make it easier for the company to expand its reach while staying secure. Let’s take a closer look at how a business can benefit from it.  

Data security

A quality VPN service will ensure secure access to the data circulating within a company. It is like an additional protection enhancement between the device used and the network itself. When the office is using a VPN for work, employees can transfer personal information or banking information without fearing hacker attacks or leaks. Nonetheless, the activity of users within a virtual network is visible to its administrators. Hence, managers can also assess their team’s performance by checking the history of the websites they visited. 

Remote work safety

If your company gets a VPN connection for its offices, it means its employees can access the corporate network even if they log in from home while maintaining the same level of security as sitting in the office. If the VPN connection is established via the company’s hotspot, there are no additional actions a person connecting to it has to take. If an employee decides to work remotely, they need to have it set on their computer. Connected via a VPN, teams can work remotely with their virtual location placed according to the network settings, be it their main office or a virtual office in a completely different country.  

Local presence and scaling opportunities

Most of the benefits we discussed previously revolve around the anonymity VPN provides. However, another major feature of “Virtual Private Networks” is changing the IP location of the office or call center. If your business has a lot to do with calling customers, you can bypass geographic restrictions of the target area and enhance the local presence there. For example, a South African VPN will make it easier to manage clients there. Same works for websites and other materials that are only available in a particular area. They are perfectly accessible with the right setting of the user’s IP and the user’s location.

For companies that need a private network for phone calls, it is best to opt for solutions crafted for telephony. For instance, a combination of a PBX and a VPN service, are easier to set up and manage based on the needs and objectives of the call center. It is an additional safety feature a reliable VoIP provider should offer. 


The bottom line is, a good VPN service will help a business of any size since online security is always important. The more employees a company has, the higher are the risks of hacker attacks, malware infections, and data leakage. So, the larger a company is, the more beneficial managers and executives will find using a “Virtual Private Network”. There are different VPN solutions depending on the nature of the business. However, it is as crucial to find a reliable provider and incorporate it at every company level.