Introducing Seamless Integration between CommPeak and Leverate

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Welcome to the future of communication integration! With the seamless integration between CommPeak and Leverate, you can now harness the power of advanced telephony features directly within your Leverate platform. Elevate your communication capabilities, streamline your workflows, and enhance your productivity like never before.

Integrations / Leverate

Key Integration Capabilities

Click2Call Link

Easily initiate calls through a simple link, enabling quick connections between your team and clients. Integration is effortless, with all necessary configurations managed on your end. Specify IP ACL, Customer, and PBX to get started instantly.

    Click2Call Predefined

    Experience a smoother integration with pre-defined setups for two-way webhooks. While still offering flexibility, this feature minimizes setup time and maximizes efficiency, ensuring a seamless connection between CommPeak and Leverate.


      Dialer Adapter

      Empower your dialer with a predefined integration that allows you to manage rules, filters, and two-way updates with remote systems or your CRM. This Remote Adapter/CRM Integration ensures that your communication processes remain synchronized and optimized at all times.

        SMS Capabilities

        Unlock the potential of SMS communication via Zapier or MAKE integration. Seamlessly integrate SMS functionality into your existing workflows, enhancing your reach and engagement with clients and prospects.

          Why Choose CommPeak and Leverate Integration?

          Effortless Integration

          Say goodbye to complex setup processes. Our integration is designed to seamlessly merge with your existing systems, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

          Enhanced Communication

          From Click2Call to SMS capabilities, our integration offers a comprehensive suite of communication tools to streamline your interactions with clients and colleagues.

          Increased Efficiency

          Automate repetitive tasks, synchronize data across platforms, and optimize your communication workflows for maximum efficiency and productivity.

          Ready to Elevate Your Communication? Experience the future of integrated communication with CommPeak and Leverate. Take your productivity to new heights, streamline your workflows, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Get started today and revolutionize the way you communicate!