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The perfect VoIP Termination

Platinum CLI routes


CommPeak VoIP Platinum routes have access to our vast network of Tier-1 and Direct in-country VoIP operators. With this plan, you will achieve guaranteed caller-id (CLI) delivery along with best-in-class performance and call quality.

Premium VoIP routing


Our VoIP Premium routing option delivers excellent call quality and stats while caller-id (CLI) delivery is performed on a best-effort basis. We recommend using this plan if you have no use for unnecessary bells and whistles and call quality is your main focus.

Wholesale VoIP routes for the lowest price


CommPeak's VoIP Standard routing plan offers our best blend of wholesale VoIP routes while delivering one of the best value propositions out there.
Standard routing delivers best-effort SIP termination for clients that are more cost-minded.


The ultimate hosted Cloud PBX Solution

Hosted cloud PBX solutions for small companies



$ / Month

Suitable for most SOHO environments.

Up to 10 concurrent calls.

Cloud PBX solutions for better call center performance



$ / Month

Need additional performance? Medium Cloud PBX should do the trick.

Up to 50 concurrent calls.

Cloud based PBX for large call centers



$ / Month

Running a big Call Center? Our Large Cloud PBX option handles

up to 130 concurrent calls.

Individual PBX pricing for x-large call centers


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Recognition of 120+ languages

Speech recognition

Automatically recognizes over 120 languages & their variations. 
Fully accessible transcripts with the keyword search.

Per min (60/60) /channel exc
  • check High Accuracy
  • check Easy Management
  • check 120+ languages
  • check Vast Vocabulary
  • check Noise Robustness
  • check Multichannel Transcription


Auto dialing CommPeak Predictive Dialer Platform

Dialing Platform

It’s time to maximize your call center’s productivity by increasing the number of times your agents connect with qualified leads. As a leading VoIP Provider, we know how to make our Dialer to dynamically adjust itself to maximize your operation’s volume of outbound SIP calls and to seamlessly distribute the queued leads to available agents at an instantaneous rate.

Call center agent discovers possibilities of CommPeak Dialer


Send & receive SMS messages

SMS messaging

SMS Service is the most common and convenient way of digital communication. With CommPeak SMS Service you can instantly reach your customers and efficiently increase engagement with your audience wherever they are and whenever you need.

Bulk SMS delivering with CommPeak cloud service


Anonymous internet connection

Business VPN connection

Get anonymous access to internet networks throughout the world via diverse countries' IP addresses. Fast and secure VPN service with the enterprise-grade bandwidth.


Worldwide presence in over 60 countries

Worldwide DID numbers

CommPeak provides professional wholesale VoIP origination services through geographical and toll-free DID phone numbers, without having to establish an actual POP.

CommPeak PoPs located all around the globe


Real-time lead distribution

Lead Distribution in Real-Time

Get the Lead Routing flow of all your call centers configured just in several clicks. Once the distribution rules are set - the process can finally go on autopilot. Running a dashboard check is the ONLY thing left for your manager.

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