Accurately validate any mobile phone number.

Retrieve accurate, detailed information on any mobile phone number in the world in real-time. Keep your database clean and minimize your calling and messaging costs.

Maximizing Your Answer Seizure Rate

Identifying Lead Quality with LookUp

Optimize the Sales Process

Quickly eliminate phone numbers that are fraudulent, disconnected, or formatted incorrectly. Filter numbers that are too long or short or look suspicious. LookUp saves you the cost and time that would otherwise be lost. Follow your leads more quickly by discovering which numbers are valid, even before you call.


Reduce Calling Costs

LookUp radically decreases your bussiness's calling costs. By revealing which numbers are no longer reachable or active, the Home Location Register (HLR) helps you to reduce the number of minutes spent on each lead. LookUp ensures that calling time is only spent on feasible customers.


Stay Informed and Organized

Keep your CRM systems accurate, detailed, and up-to-date in real-time. By providing you with detailed number insights, LookUp helps you organize your data so that your agents only follow viable leads. Reduce the number of undeliverable calls and messaging by clearing your client lists of inactive numbers.


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Delivering More Successful Opportunities

With LookUp


Analyze Online Customer Data

With the HLR, LookUp reveals the phone number’s mobile network operator and the country in which the phone customer and network operator are located.


Lead Quality Control

Even before the agent makes the call, LookUp assesses the phone number, revealing whether it’s invalid, temporarily unavailable, or merely switched off.


Enhance Productivity

By keeping the database up-to-date on a lead’s viability, you ensure that agents only spend their time calling qualified phone numbers of real customers.


Routing Optimization

Streamline traffic and routing for VoIP, SMS, and other communication by determining a client’s home network and current location.


Safeguard Accuracy

Don’t stress about inaccurate results or false-positives. LookUp ensures that telephone numbers are examined with the smartest methods, consistently delivering quality data.


Easily Accessible

LookUp is easily manageable by agents and managers alike. Easily upload telephone numbers and instantly receive detailed information on the user-friendly interface.

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Learn More About LookUp’s Unique Features

We’ve included all the essential information in one PDF file - features, technical aspects, and much more.


Your Data Is Protected

Stay safe and secure using the trusted Telecom infrastructure you can always rely on!

  • End-to-end encryption and military-grade data security
  • Cloud-based storage for audio transcript using Google or AWS S3
  • Single sign-in using industry-standard authentication protocols

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