Calls From the Computer

Make Calls Directly From Your Computer

With CommPeak’s user-friendly Softphone, you can directly call any number from your computer. Our user-friendly software empowers you to accomplish all of your tasks without needing to purchase overpriced equipment that ties you to your desk.

  • One-Click Call Transfer
  • Easy Audio Quality Test
  • Up to 6-Way Conference Calls
  • Full Calling History Log
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Simplify Your Operations by Making Computerized Phone Calls With CommPeak

Carry out all of your call or contact center tasks by switching to a Softphone.

Effortlessly Connect Worldwide

When you adopt solutions that let you call a number from your computer, you create the opportunity to work from any location. As long as you have an internet connection, you can communicate directly from your device and easily work from home or the office.

  • Stay connected when you’re on the go
  • Unchain yourself from your desk phone
  • Never miss another incoming call

Enjoy Cost-Effective Hardware

CommPeak equips you with the ability to call cellphones from a laptop or computer, enabling you to operate without purchasing bulky equipment. The second you connect your device, you’ll be prepared to make calls and carry out all of your responsibilities.

  • Download our Softphone to any smart device
  • Don’t be weighed down by heavy-weight gear
  • Reduce hardware maintenance expenses

Streamline Calling Practices

Dialing a phone from a computer with our Softphone gives you flexibility and an easy-to-use calling interface with highly beneficial features. You can quickly access your leads’ history, enhancing your understanding of their needs and maximizing your sales potential.

  • Review client interaction history and updates
  • Transfer customers to the most suitable agents
  • Add callers for collaborative conference calls

Reduce Business Costs by Dialing From the Computer

Choosing to call phone numbers from your computer saves you all the costs the come with SIP or VoIP-ready desk phones.

Reduce upstart payments
Zero maintenence needs
No expensive hardware
Free advanced features
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Why Calling From a Computer Gives You a Competitive Edge

Choosing CommPeak’s calling solutions allows all of your representatives to effortlessly dial phone numbers from a computer or a smart device.

Worldwide Operations

Talk with customers anywhere. There’s no physical restrictions.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Reduce your training costs with an intuitive user interface.

Simple Conferences

Organize conference calls for customer help or sales assistance.

Complete Call Activity

Review your full call history to provide more efficient services.

Seamless Transfer

Transfer customers to the most suitable agent with a few clicks.

Real-Time Status

Change your status so clients know when you’re available.

How to Call a Cellphone From a Computer With Our Solutions



Sign up with CommPeak to get started. You’ll need to verify your email address and phone number. After that, you’ll have full access to your user-friendly dashboard.



Create a new SIP account with CommPeak or use an existing one. Enter these details into the system and connect to our strategically-positioned data centers.



Download the CommPeak Softphone to your Windows or Linux operating system. Sign in with your SIP account information, and you’ll be ready to benefit.



Start to dial phone numbers from your computer right away. Use the free credit to test our superior audio quality and explore our cost-effective call routes.

Pricing for Making Calls From Your Computer


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