Transform Any Device Into a Smartphone

Make calls from anywhere in the world with CommPeak's webphone service. Use your internet-connected device to communicate with your customers when you choose our free webphone for business that equipped with advanced features.

  • Quick Login Process
  • Conference Call Capabilities
  • Audio Diagnostic Test
  • User-Friendly Interface
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Communicate Worldwide With CommPeak’s Webphone for Business

Conduct all of your business calls from any location across the globe.

Enjoy a Flexible Work Environment

When you choose to work with CommPeak's webphone calling service, you'll never miss another call. As long as you're connected to the internet, you can operate just as you would in the office, giving you the freedom to do business anywhere you'd like.

  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Reduce or remove total commute times
  • Never fail to answer customers’ calls

Eliminate Oversized Equipment

Effortlessly make webphone calls from your portable device. Ditch the heavy hardware that's confined to a particular location. Download our business webphone directly to your smartphone and benefit from innovative software that doesn’t weigh you down.

  • Download to any smart, internet device
  • Walk around while you communicate
  • Save costs on hardware maintenance

Accelerate Calling Processes

Our webphone comes with time-saving features that help optimize calling efficiency. You can quickly sign in to start communicating, transfer customers to other agents, and more. CommPeak’s webphone for business helps you streamline your operations.

  • Host conference calls with up to 6 people
  • Seamlessly transfer your calls to agents
  • Quickly access data like full call history

How Our Webphone for Business Enhances Your Operational Success

When you decide to make web-based phone calls, you’ll streamline your communication routine and generate opportunities to be more flexible.

Flexible Work Locations

Make your business calls from anywhere with active internet.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Use a device with an interface that you’re already familiar with.

Language Options

Customize your webphone in English, Spanish, or Russian.

Easy Call Transfer

Quickly transfer calls to the most suitable agents or desks.

Conference Calling

Create conference calls for group meetings with up to 6 people.

50+ CRM Integrations

Integrate your webphone directly with your business’s CRM.*

*Requires CommPeak Dialer or Cloud PBX integration.

How to Take Advantage of Our Free Webphone App


Sign Up

Register your business for an account with CommPeak. Verify your contact details, access your dashboard, and begin exploring your new calling solution.


Configure Calls

Whether you create a new SIP account, already have one, or integrate your WebRTC application, you can connect to our superior quality infrastructure.


Download for Free

Click to download our webphone directly to your device easily. Then, sign in with your credentials to start taking advantage of our unique calling features.


Call Anywhere

Start making and receiving calls from your device, no matter your location. Ensure you're connected to the internet, and you can communicate worldwide.

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