Enhance your compliance while saving time with automated, accurate transcriptions.

Enhance your agents’ compliance while saving time by automatically transcribing your call center’s phone recordings. CommPeak’s Speech-to-Text swiftly and accurately converts your agents’ conversations into easily accessible scripts by utilizing Google Cloud’s advanced API technology that recognizes more than 120 languages. Gain detailed insights and ensure compliance without manual monitoring.

Convert Your Recorded Calls into Transcriptions

Convert Your Recorded Calls into Transcriptions

With a wide variety of languages and extremely high accuracy, your recordings will be transcribed in no time.

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Speech-to-Text Increases Call Center Efficiency

Low prices for VoIP calls to all countries

Time and cost savings

Reduce the amount of manual work expended for quality assurance and call monitoring.

Call center performance tracking

Smart call analysis

Reveal patterns in the way your agents talk to clients. Correct repetitive mistakes and teach proven communication techniques.

Better customer experience

Establish agents’ consistency and conformity with your company’s standards and improve the overall customer experience.

Why Choose CommPeak Speech-to-Text

High accuracy

CommPeak speech conversion service uses Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, powered by machine learning. It guarantees the highest possible recognition accuracy that only improves over time.

Vast vocabulary

Our speech recognition engine knows 120+ languages, including dialectal variations. The expansive vocabulary and advanced technology recognizes context, transcribes proper nouns, formats dates and phone numbers, and much more.

Multi-language recognition

Don't worry if your phone calls typically include more than one language. You can select a primary language and up to three additional languages. The recognition accuracy stays up to standard.

Multichannel transcription

Select which channels you want to be transcribed: your agents, clients, or both. When you choose to recognize both channels, you'll receive access-friendly comprehensible transcripts in the form of a dialogue.

Noise robustness

Our Speech-to-Text service can separate spoken words from irrelevant sounds. Even if your recording has some external noise, it will not harm the accuracy of speech recognition.

International Voice over IP network

Easy management

All call transcripts will automatically be saved directly to your user portal. Quickly find any transcript using filters by language and date or advanced keyword search.

Convert Phone Records from a Variety of Sources

Fast dialing software deploy and onboarding

Speech-to-Text interface

Use Speech-to-Text as a stand-alone product, manually uploading any call recordings.

Full integration of auto dialing system with common CRMs

SIP account, PBX, and Dialer integration

Easily convert call recordings to text, and manage saved transcripts in your account.

How It Works

Gain back valuable time by automatically recording and transcribing your agents' calls.

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Handy dialing software for call center agents and managers
  • Upload recordings

    Upload your audio files in WAV, MP3, or FLAC format.

  • Easy settings

    Select the languages of your voice recording and the channels you want to transcribe.

  • Receive transcripts

    Wait for only a short time before fully accessing your call transcripts — ready for review in your portal.

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