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Connect with your customers using our user-friendly two-way text messaging software and make your interactions more efficient. With CommPeak’s 2-way SMS, you’ll close more sales and bolster your business reputation and reliability.

  • Competitive Prices
  • High Deliverability
  • 50+ CRM Integrations
  • Performance Tracking
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What is 2-Way SMS Messaging?

Two-way text messaging enables you to connect with customers in the way they prefer, allowing them to explore your services.

  • Create alternative, user-friendly lines of communication with your valued clients.
  • Send your latest promotional prices and update audiences with important notifications.
  • Test new regions for marketing and discover location-specific preferences.

Optimize Engagement With Two-Way Text Messaging

Open the lines of communication with a simple SMS exchange.

Reduce Your SMS Costs

Thanks to our extensive relationships with SMS providers, we’re able to offer you the best two-way SMS rates anywhere in the world. Access promotions and special offers to expand your customer base without damaging your budget.

  • Take advantage of our strong partnerships
  • Take advantage of our strong partnerships
  • Invest in greater business development

Send Campaigns More Efficiently

CommPeak’s 2-way SMS solution is easy to integrate into your system. Quickly set up your two-way text messaging campaigns, creating the optimal messaging and choosing the best sending times. Within minutes, your entire audience will get your text.

  • Create and deploy SMS campaigns swiftly
  • Update your customers in a timely manner
  • Reuse audience lists and send settings

Track and Organize Your KPIs

By harnessing CommPeak’s 2-way text messaging service, you’ll have the benefit of working with a user-friendly system that allows you to explore your performance effortlessly. Stay updated on your effectiveness and enhance your processes.

  • Discover the ideal sending times
  • Examine your average engagement rates
  • Follow-up with customers who click links

How Do You Use CommPeak’s Text Service for Business



Sign up for our services and verify your login information. You can send several messages to test how easy our software is to use with the free credit we give you.


Set Up

Upload your lead lists and integrate all of the necessary information. All of your data will automatically sync to our user-friendly platform.



Craft the most engaging message you can think of and include a clickable link. You can also specify the ideal sending times to ensure your customers are awake.



Deploy your campaign with your two-way SMS phone numbers and enjoy how simple it is for your customers to communicate with you and buy your services.

Two-Way SMS Pricing


Highest delivery level

Best quality routes available for SMS messages

Supports all caller and sender ID types

Highly competitive prices for cost-oriented campaigns



Solid, reliable delivery level

Various campaign types for business

Good quality routes for customer communication

Supports most sender IDs like alpha name and numeric


Good quality routes

Supports only numeric sender IDs

Primarily SIM box termination

Transactional and promotional routes available

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