The VPN for Business That Protects Your Entire Office

Enjoy a fast and secure VPN Gateway with enterprise-grade bandwidths. Our global VPN Gateway service allows you to gain full access to leads and content.

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The VPN for Business That Protects Your Entire Office

Our VPN Gateway Safeguards Your Business

Secure your office privacy with unlimited endpoint connections.

Hide Your Network’s Private Data

Our VPN Gateway service ensures your office’s data remains confidential and accessible only to those with proper credentials. Neither intruders nor your network can track your actual address.

  • Utilize dedicated IP addresses for 50+ countries
  • Mask your actual, physical office location
  • Bypass local restrictions and obtain information

One Office. Multiple Tunnels. Dedicated IPs.

With our VPN Gateway, connect as many endpoints to your network as necessary. Choose a dedicated IPSec/GRE tunnel for every department or individual employee, hiding all private information.

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Fortify Office Security With IPSec/GRE

Even if you already have strong security policies, CommPeak’s VPN for business significantly strengthens them. With robust encryption protocols, you can share files and data without stress.

  • Incorporate multiple layers of protective protocols
  • Create encrypted connections from your router to our VPN
  • Establish several VPN tunnels for dynamic routing options

Connect Directly Via Your Router

CommPeak’s VPN integrates into your existing hardware. After you set up your tunnel, all of your users can begin to browse the web and access regionally-specific content.

  • Configure our VPN straight to your office router
  • Instantly operate securely without additional equipment
  • Monitor connection quality, uptime, and traffic flow

A Robust VPN Protection Attached to Your Office Router

VPN Gateway Features

Anonymous Browsing

Hide your location, avoid censorship and surveillance, and secure online privacy.

Full Office Protection

Use one VPN provider for the whole business network, including unlimited endpoints.

VoIP Prioritization

Give precedence to all your VPN VoIP traffic, ensuring calls are interruption-free.

No Activity Logging

No one can access your traffic history with our VoIP VPN Gateway - including you.

Robust Encryption Protocols

All data is encrypted end-to-end using leading security protocol suites, IPSec/GRE.

High-Speed Connection

Your productivity and privacy are never compromised with our fast VPN for business.

Dynamic Routing

You can configure your own dynamic routing per user category with multiple VPN tunnels.

Direct Router Connection

Unlike workstation-based solutions, our VPN connects to your router via IPSec/GRE.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Each VPN tunnel comes with a unique, dedicated IP address that only you can use.

Secure VPN Gateway For Business

A Secure VPN Connected to Your Office Router

Our VPN Gateway seamlessly integrates with your existing router, protecting all your network endpoints and securing your private data.

IP addresses for 50+ countries
VoIP data prioritization
End-to-end IPSec/GRE encyrptions
High bandwidth capacities
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What Customers Say About CommPeak

What Customers Say About CommPeak

The CommPeak Dialer is probably the best dialer I’ve used. No other dialer on the market can match its automation power.

Barak, Operations Manager


CommPeak’s VoIP quality exceeds our other vendors by 80%. The call quality is consistently superior.

Nick, IT Manager


Even as Optimus continues to expand, the prices CommPeak offers are lower than the other providers we are using.

Maja, Financial Director

Optimus Marketing

This is the easiest PBX system I’ve ever used for my business and it makes operations run really well.

Lasha, Manager

Mid-Market Call Center

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