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6 Ways to Improve Your Call Center’s Average Call Waiting Time (AWT)

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
March 30, 2021

A new variable has transformed the “supply and demand” model: the customer experience. 86% of all buyers have said revealed that they are willing to pay more for the same product if the customer experience is “great.”

Nowadays, the customer experience begins long before connecting with an agent. How long potential buyers wait before reaching a human being, known as Average Wait Time (AWT), significantly affects your success.

It’s time to lower this crucial KPI!

The Ideal Improvements

1. Amplify Your Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Your contact center’s IVR should be an intelligent, automated system that routes your customers to the most appropriate agents. As the first point of contact for the customer, an optimized and efficient IVR is essential.

Configure an efficient IVR today with the CommPeak Dialer or Cloud PBX!

2. Reduce Agent Downtime

Excessive downtime, or idle time, often culminates in longer AWT for customers. Adopting time-saving tools, like our predictive Dialer, that automatically execute otherwise manually performed responsibilities allow agents to spend more time answering phone calls. 

3. Better Match Agents and Customers

Contact center managers can minimize AWT by ensuring that agent and customer are ideally matched. Communication vendors like CommPeak supply automated solutions that can intelligently pair customers with the optimal agent based on spoken language, experience, and other relevant skills.

To reduce your customers’ total wait time and boost sales, contact us today.

4. Monitor for Compliance

Another way to decrease agents’ AWT is by recording and monitoring conversations with Speech-to-Text. By examining agents’ interactions with customers and leads, you can discern which cost-effective behaviors are worth keeping and which are wasting time.

5. Accessible Customer Information

Before your agents answer the phone, all customer information should ideally be accessible. If CRM details are in sync, you don’t need to waste time searching for personal information while accepting the next call. 

All of CommPeak’s smart calling tools integrate with a wide range of CRMs.

6. Make Adjustments for Peak Times

As your contact center’s call volume fluctuates throughout the day, so should the number of available agents. If contact centers monitor and subsequently adapt to their relative peak times, performance KPIs, including AWT, will recover. 

CommPeak’s Cloud PBX helps you to monitor your call center easily. Check it out today!

Talk More and Wait Less With CommPeak

The amount of time it takes for buyers and potential buyers to reach agents directly correlates with your company’s success. But with CommPeak’s leading communication solution, AWT will no longer be an issue.

Contact us and let us support you with AWT reduction. 

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