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Business VoIP: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
July 16, 2020
Business VoIP pros and cons

In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, more and more businesses recognize that traditional telephony doesn’t meet their needs. Cloud-based communication, on the other hand, is convenientcost-effective, and flexible. This article gives you a quick, balanced overview of this innovative technology that’s been boosting call center productivity and efficiency worldwide. 

Voice over IP: What It Is

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is an advanced communication system that uses the internet for connecting people via video and voice. VoIP technology uses packet switching to transmit data, providing better sound quality than traditional landline phones could ever offer. With a reliable VoIP Service, you can easily place calls anytime, anywhere.

The Top Advantages

1. Cost-Effectiveness

With VoIP, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment. All you need is a stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. Moreover, international calling is much cheaper, especially if you choose a VoIP provider with direct connections to Tier 1 providers. You’ll get all the local rates. Moreover, most VoIP vendors bill per minute, so you only pay for what you use.

2. No Location Barriers

If your call center deals with customers worldwide and regularly communicates with people in multiple countries, VoIP streamlines this process. You can easily place and receive calls from a mobile phone without being died to your office.

Additionally, you can use DID Numbers to create a local presence. Contact us today about how you can use a local caller ID to boost your success rates.

3. High Scalability

Within a few minutes, you can add new users to your cloud-based calling system. You can also quickly make reconfigurations to reflect updated business rules better. VoIP enables your business to seamlessly grow, shrink, and develop, ensuring you can easily transform along with the market.

4. Optimized Productivity

VoIP communication solutions often come with time-saving features that automate processes and illuminate performance metrics. For instance, CommPeak’s Cloud PBX keeps you updated in real-time, allowing you to optimize campaign strategies. Without all the manual tasks, your agents can call more leads and accomplish more throughout the day.

5. Easy CRM Integration

Switching to VoIP can enhance your customers’ experiences by integrating with your CRM. Agents can access all critical data with a single click. Instead of switching between platforms and wasting time and resources, everything is synced onto a single platform.  

6. Premium Voice Quality

VoIP providers like CommPeak have direct connections to in-country routes and strategically placed PoPs, ensuring your voice data travels the shortest destination to the receiver. The shorter the distance, the fewer chances there are of latency and jitters. It’s time to take advantage of superior call quality

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The Potential Drawbacks

1. Internet-Related Problems

The internet is an integral part of VoIP communications. With an unstable connection or a lack of bandwidth, you’ll probably experience issues like choppy voice, latency, and more are. If you want to establish the optimal environment for your VoIP calls, it would be best to get a separate line altogether. Read more about how to create the optimal VoIP environment.

2. Emergency Calls

Not bound to the same regulations as landline, VoIP typically can’t reach emergency phone numbers, like 911. However, some vendors like CommPeak do offer local termination, which circumvents these issues. 

3. Security

While some users may believe traditional landlines are safer than VoIP, the fact is, it is just as susceptible to phone tapping and infiltration. To learn more about the security protocols of VoIP, read the eBook “Worrying About Your Call Center’s Future.” 

The Pros Outweigh the Cons: Go VoIP With CommPeak

The VoIP industry is expanding rapidly as more and more businesses seek more accessible, more efficient ways of handling their communications. The advantages of VoIP significantly outweigh the drawbacks, guaranteeing your call center will flourish. 

To discover how you can boost your business with VoIP, contact us

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