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How does a local presence dialer work?

Commpeak Blog

July 6, 2020

If you have an international business, it is important to make sure it grows in every region involved. To develop and expand, you should communicate with every client as if you live on the same street as they do. Even if you are hundreds of miles away. It is common to have a call center at one location and sell goods or services in other countries. Yet, no matter how far or close the company is, it needs the trust of the audience. The thing that will help you win that trust is a local presence in the clients’ area.

How does a local presence work?

So, what makes a local presence? Things like the language the operators speak, the time at which customers receive phone calls, and the numbers they see when their phones ring matter. For instance, when a person sees a familiar caller ID that is typical for their area, they are more likely to pick up the phone. Unusual numbers look suspicious, and people are naturally not thrilled to answer strangers. The same idea works with the time when the agents contact leads. If your customers receive calls at a wrong time, they will find it irritating and doubt your company’s reliability. These issues may mark the company as an alien in the client’s country and a dialer set the right way makes these signs disappear. 

As long as your agents have the right language skills, you are already present in the country. The rest of the distance-related challenges will disappear with a local presence dialer. It is an automation solution that simplifies the life of the call center manager and boosts the productivity of all agents working in it. All it takes is adding the contacts to the system and setting the rules that fit your business goals. The dialer will locate the customers and pick the best time to call them.

The local presence dialing solution is perfectly customizable. Here are some things it will do: 

  • check the validity of the number and correct the country code in case the prefix is duplicated or broken; 
  • display the agent’s caller ID according to the client’s country and region; 
  • call clients in accordance with their time zone. 

Advantages of using CommPeak local presence dialer

CommPeak Dialer lets agents spend their time only on speaking with customers. Not a minute wasted on finding the lead’s location, dialing (or misdialing), and waiting for a pickup.


The CommPeak team will set the Dialer’s algorithms according to your business goals and local dial rules, such as the appropriate time to call clients, and you are good to go. The dialer will select, systemize, and call local leads automatically. With another parameter set, it is able to pick the caller ID that is common for the region and display it to the recipient. The agents only have to do the talking.

Time zone sensitivity

Disturbing clients at an inconvenient time is a huge no-go. If the time zones in the call center and the country are significantly different, such a mistake remains probable. The automated dialer, however, makes sure the leads receive calls only when it is appropriate for them. For example, with the team in the Philippines and the target audience in Australia, your agents may start calling leads in the morning. The difference in several hours isn’t drastic here. But if it is London you have to reach, checking the time zones manually can be annoying. Set the dialer to make calls only on weekdays and during business hours in the country of your choice and get rid of this problem. Not to disturb people when they are having lunch, it is possible to exclude these hours from dialing as well. 

Increase in Connections & Call-Backs

Every interaction with your client matters, especially their first impression of your business. If the person sees a number with an unfamiliar code or no number at all, they will find it suspicious in the first place. Virtual phone numbers that are common for the area of your leads will help to overcome this obstacle. Appearing local is a nice upgrade to the first impression of you in the eyes of your future clients.

CRM integration

Connect the dialer to your CRM system and manage each customer more effectively. Thus, everything will be in one place—systemized and visualized. With everything in a single environment, it’s convenient for agents to work with leads, change their status based on the results of the calls, and see the information on every interaction. No need to switch between work environments—everything is in one interface.


The bottom line is, CommPeak Dialer prevents all kinds of problems that turn up due to you and your clients being in different countries. It makes sure the agents call at the right time and the recipient sees the right caller ID. Plus, it simplifies the work of agents and spares them a lot of trouble. Instead of performing routine tasks and making unavoidable human-related mistakes, they spend the saved time talking with leads. So, Dialer is a solution that improves the call center operation at several levels.