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Preparing Your Contact Center for the Future

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
March 10, 2021
Prepare Your Contact Center for the Future

The primary issues that once confronted the 20th-century contact center have been assuaged. However, the future is approaching faster than ever expected. To keep up with the reorientation and maintain a competitive edge, call centers must plan accordingly. 

Future Focus 1: More Emphasis on Positive Customer Experiences

Worldwide, 96% of consumers have said that customer service quality plays a significant factor when deciding where to spend their money. One study found that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. 

How to Prepare

Choose a communication service provider that can better match agents with leads and customers. The compatibility between the two heavily influences the probability of delivering excellent customer service and, thus, closing sales.

The CommPeak Solution: Important Leads Always Reach the Most Effective Agents

The CommPeak Dialer is easy to program for contact centers that want to guarantee the right leads get to the right agents. Our Dialer can distribute every lead based on agent skill, spoken language(s), and other criteria built around your unique business logic. 

“The amount of business rules and conditions we can program into the Dialer seems endless.”

– Barak, Operations Manager

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Future Focus 2: Carpe Diem, Harnessing Precious Time

By the end of the workday, many are left wishing they could have accomplished more. Future contact centers will mitigate these frustrations and implement means to take full advantage of every second.

How to Prepare

Businesses should adopt solutions that streamline mundane tasks. For example, automatic dialing relieves the agents of having to call phone numbers manually.

The CommPeak Solution: Ensuring No Second is Wasted

CommPeak created smart operation automation tools to harness the full power of the day. The predictive Dialer, for instance, automatically dials numbers for the agents. Once the conversation has ended, the Dialer immediately connects with the next designated lead.

LookUp similarly leverages your time, ensuring that you call validated phone numbers only. To start using this time-saving, valuable tool, contact us today.

Future Focus 3: All-in-One Solutions That Go Beyond the Present

Businesses never genuinely know which developments will occur next in their respective industries. Future contact centers will not only accept this uncertainty but take advantage of it. 

How to Prepare

Contact centers can take several measures to future-proof their operations. By choosing highly programmable tools that can readily alter business rules, you ensure that time is spent maximizing opportunities. It should be easy to add and reduce extensions, allowing your business to transform as needed.

The CommPeak Solution: Insightful, Adaptable, Integrated

CommPeak’s unique Cloud PBX comprehensive Stats analytic system provides insights into contact center metrics, revealing which marketing campaign processes are practical and which could be more sharply fine-tuned.

Every CommPeak product is easily adaptable, and users can add or reduce calling lines within minutes. Calling rules can be changed effortlessly, ensuring you maintain productivity levels without wasting precious time.

Equipping CommPeak Customers for the Future

CommPeak takes our role as the best communication solution provider seriously. We are always developing new products to help our customers harness their employees’ full potential. Our solutions:

  • Leverage business resources
  • Provide innovative, time-saving options
  • Are reliable, even during peak times
  • Equip you for the future with customizable options.

CommPeak takes care of its customers so they, in turn, can take care of theirs. Get started today! Contact us.

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