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Remote Call Center: Ongoing Control and Management During COVID-19

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
March 26, 2020

Worldwide, millions of people have been forced to work remotely due to the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic. Call centers are likewise under immense pressure to keep their businesses afloat in these unprecedented circumstances. Fortunately, cloud-based communication vendors like CommPeak can supply all the necessary tools to keep your call center running smoothly, no matter where agents are located.

CommPeak’s Must-Have Tools for Virtual Call Centers

So your call center has gone remote and your agents are working from home. Now what? No to fear! CommPeak provides a slew of helpful tools that makes this transition seamless, ensuring your operations continue in no time. We offer:

  • VPN Gateway: Anonymize and protect your office connection

CommPeak’s VPN Gateway is essential for your virtual call center, significantly decreasing the chances of a data breach. Managers, agents, and customers will feel safe conducting business with you anytime, anywhere. With CommPeak, you also can get a dedicated IP address in over 50 countries, giving you full access to content worldwide.

  • Cloud PBX: Manage and monitor your customer communications

With our web-based Cloud PBX, you don’t need any additional hardware or software. Just log in and get started! This tool is essential for both home-based agents and managers and can sync up with a wide variety of CRMs, streamlining your operations. You can also virtually manage your agents, listen to conversations, and assess critical KPIs without ever having to go to the office.

  • VoIP Service: Communicate with our superior global, cost-effective VoIP termination
  • DID Numbers: Expand your local presence and sales with local virtual numbers
  • SMS Service: Connect with your customers using the highest-quality SMS routes

And more! Keep your communications flowing with CommPeak’s cloud-based communication products. You’ll enjoy crystal-clear voice quality thanks to our 12 global PoPs. Our DID Numbers help you establish a local presence in over 100 countries, and our SMS Services enable you to reach even more customers with the most convenient form of digital communication.

Equip your team with the best remote call center tools and keep your business functioning at its best. Contact us today!

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