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Remote Work Is Here to Stay: How to Keep Your Business on Track

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March 24, 2021

The prominence of remote work grew recently due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. Employees and executives alike were not allowed to access their offices and were forced to work from their living rooms. But now, even as the pandemic subsides and the world returns to “normal,” remote work seems here to stay. 

Multiple studies have revealed that employees are just as, if not more, productive when working from their homes. Several global companies have decided to switch to remote work permanently in this vein, either fully or partially. Others search for the best collaborative tools to make this future transition as smooth and painless as possible. If you want to take advantage of remote work benefits while maintaining your company’s security, you’ll need to adjust accordingly. 

What Are the Challenges of Remote Work? 

Working from home presents a slew of previously unfaced challenges. Here are the most common issues businesses and employees may face while transitioning and the actions you can take to circumvent them. 

Challenge #1: Employee Burnout

When working from home, the line between work and personal life tends to blur. However, because the physical spaces have merged, employees simply can’t stop working. The lack of boundaries leads to burnout. Burnout is more severe than stress; it can’t be cured with a vacation or fewer work hours. Not only are your employees exhausted, but your business will, as a result, be impacted negatively. 

What to Do? 

As they say, the best defense is a good offense. After switching to remote work, regularly check in with your employees to ensure they have a solid work-life balance and aren’t working extra. You can permit them to have flexibility with their hours to control their days and manage their time better. Remember that your staff is your greatest asset that ultimately determines whether your business succeeds or sinks. 

Challenge #2: Communication Breakdown

Remote work can be lonely considering that there is much less in-personal collaboration amongst teammates. It’s way more demanding and challenging to communicate with people who aren’t in the same room. But working collectively in real-time shouldn’t be a significant problem if you have the right communication tools at your disposal.

What to Do?

You can adopt Voice over IP communication solutions, helping you stay in touch with your team and your customers. For instance, CommPeak’s VoIP service can streamline your conversations, mainly if team members and leads are located all over the world. VoIP is the ultimate way to engage in better communication for significantly less money for those regularly handling international phone calls. 

Challenge #3: Dangerous Delay

Undeniably, it’s easier to communicate with fellow employees at the office when you can simply tap your colleague on the shoulder and receive an instant reply. As you work from home, a conversation may get lost in the seemingly endless bombardment of online messages. Even when all you need is a quick yes or no, it could take hours – even days – to receive an answer from a busy supervisor. This problem is more commonly referred to as communication lag, and it’s prominent within companies that work remotely. 

What to Do?

Thankfully, there are specific viable solutions to mitigate this issue. You can host daily stand-ups with your team, during which you can discuss professional progress, questions, and even personal success. At the same time, you should also adopt an online messaging tool. Use it strategically to create separate channels for different projects or discussions. Don’t forget to tag people if you’re addressing them specifically. 

Challenge #4: Technology Troubles

Office technologies and solutions are typically business-grade, more powerful, and reliable than those at home. Before transitioning to the virtual office, make sure your employees have a strong, secure, and reliable network. You’ll also want to ensure that they have the appropriate collaboration tools and the necessary devices for fruitful, productive work from home. 

What to Do?

The days of on-premise-only software are slowly but surely fading into obscurity. To optimize your employees’ productivity, go online and utilize cloud-based technologies. After all, it’s the 21st century! Not only are cloud-based communication solutions much more reliable and robust than their in-house counterparts, but the majority of them are also all-in-solutions. You and your employees can carry out operations from a single user-friendly interface, no matter the location. 

Challenge #5: Social Isolation

Whether we experience it or not, we all know what FOMO is. The fear of missing out has become commonplace for remote workers worldwide. While days at the office are filled with jokes, special events, and celebrations, remote work is less sociable. Even if you are in constant contact with colleagues, it can often feel like you are standing outside of the circle.

What to Do?

Remote work doesn’t have to consist of producing material and achieving business results entirely. It can, and should, also include online gatherings, one-on-one meetings, and company-wide celebrations. These types of activities, although virtual, definitely help to maintain connectivity amongst your staff and make them feel less isolated. Remember, happy employees are productive employees.

Embrace the Benefits of Remote Work

Regardless of the challenges, working from home offers many benefits, cementing its worth and proving that it is here to say. Among the many advantages of the virtual office are the access to a global talent pool, cost-effectiveness, productivity boost, freedom and flexibility, greater employee satisfaction, and the option of working in your pajamas (which we don’t recommend doing daily). The worth of virtual work far outweighs the potential loss. 

Go Remote With CommPeak 

The transition to remote work doesn’t simply imply passing out laptops and tools to your employees for video conferencing. The switch can be a pretty complex process, during which you will have to reorganize already established workflows — from security and monitoring to online collaboration and documentation. 

CommPeak has also gone remote, and we have the solutions you need to streamline the process. We can provide you with anything essential. Our full-suite cloud-based solution for cloud-based work improves business performance, no matter where you and your employees clock in. Make the transition effortless and tackle all these challenges with CommPeak.
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