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What Is a Non-Geographic Number and How Does It Work?

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
July 21, 2020
What Is a Non-geographic Number?

As a call center focused on outbound campaigns, your main objective is to maximize your Answer Success, or Seizure, Rate (ASR). However, this goal can be challenging, especially when customers and leads are reluctant to answer the phone.

With non-geographic numbers (NGN), your customers see these numbers as domestic-based, no matter where you’re calling from, making them more likely to answer the phone. There’s a whole slew of benefits to these handy numbers. Let’s find out what they are!

What Is a Non-Geographic Number?

Non-geographic phone numbers are easily recognizable, appearing in the same form as national numbers. They are accessible around the country, and they have no city prefix. While these numbers are of little use to individuals, they are highly lucrative for businesses with customers across the country. 

Types and Examples of Non-Geographic National Numbers

To know which non-geographic number is best for your business, you have to know the different prefixes. Non-geographic numbers can also be toll-free, which can be reached nationwide. Prefixes and their relative meanings vary from country to country. Here’s what they use in the UK:

  • 03 Numbers
    • These numbers usually belong to non-profit or public sector organizations.
  • 0800 or 0808 Numbers
    • These are the phone numbers that businesses and commercial organizations like to use. A customer who calls doesn’t get charged, although the company does. 
  • 0845 Numbers
    • Considered premium, these phone numbers are easy for customers to memorize. They aren’t free, so the company must notify them about the charges.

5 Benefits of Using Non-Geographic Numbers

You can improve many aspects of your customer with non-geo numbers. For instance, you increase customer engagement, boost your reputation, and decrease your operational costs. Let’s examine all the top benefits!  

1. Customer Trust

A national telephone number makes your business more trustworthy and reputable in customers’ eyes. An NGN can make your company appear more established. Customers will view your business as successful, knowing that large-scale companies are more likely to attend to customers’ needs.

Get an NGN today.

2. Customer Accessibility

With a toll-free number from CommPeak, your customers will find it easier to reach out to your company whenever they have an issue or a question. Whether the actual provider is in the country, these customers can enjoy free support services at any time.

3. Location Anonymity

Because the digital structure of CommPeak’s national numbers does not reveal the specific location of your office or call center, you can be sure that your whereabouts are protected. Moreover, the lack of a pinpointed location makes your business appear present countrywide.

4. Exceptional Customer Service

Because NGNs can accept several concurrent calls, customers generally won’t have to wait if they want to get in touch with your business or company, maximizing your productivity. Make sure you account for peak times!

5. Affordability

Billing for non-geographic numbers is unified and transparent. When purchasing from a trustworthy provider like CommPeak, a clear VoIP connection is a part of the package. You’ll reduce operational costs simultaneously with competitively priced numbers and superior-quality VoIP calls.

FAQs About Non-Geographic Numbers

1. How much does it cost to use non-geographic numbers?

The price of NGNs depends on the specific country you’re purchasing for, in addition to the type of prefix you prefer. With CommPeak’s NGNs, you’ll get numbers for highly competitive prices. Maintaining these numbers also costs a monthly fee. CommPeak will give you detailed pricing for each number.

2. How do you purchase non-geographic numbers?

Contact CommPeak now and choose the numbers you want for your business. Here at CommPeak, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, SEPA transfer, and various other types of stablecoins. You can track all expenses in your CommPeak account

3. Can the NGN number be the main number for my company?

Yes. All of the types of numbers that we discussed can be placed front and center on your business card, allowing you to use the NGN as the primary company number. Just contact CommPeak and we’ll get you started.

4. How do you choose the best type of number?

None of these non-geographic numbers are necessarily the objective best. Each of them has its distinct benefits, and it depends on your unique business needs. To find the most suitable number, talk to your VoIP provider about which types are available in your desired country.

Go Non-Geographic Today

There are plenty of ways a company can benefit from using non-geographic numbers. Your customers will think your business is well-established and easy to reach, boosting your reputation.

But don’t take our word for it. Contact CommPeak today to experience all the benefits.

Still have some questions?