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What Is a Non-geographic Number, and How Does It Work?

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July 21, 2020

The digits in our personal phone numbers make sense to us. First comes the country code, then the city or provider’s code, and then the rest of the specific numbers connected to a certain person. While most people can quickly identify cell-phone and landline numbers, quite a bit of confusion remains when it comes to non-geographic numbers. Also known as NGNs, they have codes that do not specify a city or area. One clearly can’t use an NGN as their personal number, so what are NGN telephone numbers good for? Let’s find out. 

What is a non-geographic number?

Non-geographic phone numbers are the same as national ones. They are accessible in any corner of the country, as they have no city prefix. While they are of no use to common people, they are extremely convenient for businesses and organizations that work across the whole country since people can reach their service regardless of their physical location. Simply put, if you ever wonder what a national number is — think of the one that you would dial to complain about service at a fast-food chain. 

Types & examples of non-geographic national numbers

Different types of non-geographic numbers have different prefixes. Plus, there is a separate type of numbers, a toll-free one, which is also reachable nationwide. Prefixes and their meaning vary from country to country. Let’s see some examples of how they work in the UK. 

  • 03 numbers usually belong to non-profit or public sector organizations. For example, in the UK, this type of number is used by such organizations as Cancer Research UK (0300 123 1022), British Heart Foundation (0300 330 3322), and Action on Addiction (0300 330 0659).
  • 0800 or 0808 are toll-free numbers (this is a special type we mentioned). Although they have their peculiarities, such numbers are the most popular ones among businesses and commercial organizations. A person who calls a toll-free number doesn’t get charged for it since the owner of the number has to pay for incoming calls. One can place a free call if they have any issues with the company’s product or service. For instance, you can reach Apple customer support in the UK via 0800 048 0408.
  • 0845 numbers are known as premium-rate numbers. They are easy for customers to memorize. These numbers aren’t free for clients, so it is crucial for a company to notify them about the charges. For example, the British sustainable energy company npower has the contact number 0845 070 9494. 

5 Benefits of using non-geographic numbers

Many aspects of your company can be improved with non-geo numbers. These are interactions with customers, reputation, and costs. Let’s take a look at the key benefits that you can enjoy. 

1. Customer trust

Probably, the key benefit of a national telephone number is a nationwide presence that makes it trustworthy in customers’ eyes. Even if your business is yet to grow, an NGN can make a company appear larger than it is. Customers from every corner of the country see it as well-established and working across the entire country. Naturally, large-scale businesses are not likely to mistreat a customer, so even the phone number contributes to a positive image of the organization. 

2. Customer accessibility

With a toll-free number, a company’s customers will find it easier and more comfortable to reach the company whenever they have an issue or a question. Wherever their provider is in the country, they can enjoy free support services at any time. In addition, other types of non-geographic numbers are reachable from abroad. So, this kind of accessibility improves customer satisfaction.

3. Location anonymity

The digital structure of national numbers does not specify the location of the office or call center. This allows a business to be equally present across the whole country. 

4. Great customer service

It is possible to accept several concurrent calls with one number, so customers do not have to wait if they want to reach you. Naturally, it depends on the number of lines connected to the same number, as well as the size of the call center team. 

5. Affordability

Billing for non-geographic numbers is unified and transparent. As a plus, a clear VoIP connection is part of the package. Also, the charges are always the same: it doesn’t matter whether the customer calls from a mobile or a landline number. Finally, there is no need for businesses to have an office or a call center in every city, as the numbers make the company present across the whole country. 

FAQs about non-geographic numbers

How much does it cost to use non-geographic numbers?

The price of such numbers depends on the specific country and the chosen prefix. Maintaining the number takes a monthly fee. Also, if it is a toll-free phone number, all the inbound calls are charged the same from landline and mobile carriers. Usually, the provider can give you detailed pricing for each type of number. 

How to purchase non-geographic numbers?

Contact CommPeak, or any other provider you prefer, and choose the numbers for your business. When the number is activated, you are all set to use it. Here at CommPeak, you can pay for it with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, or via SEPA transfer, and then track all the expenses in your CommPeak account. 

Can it be the main number for my company?

Yes. All the types of numbers that we mentioned can appear on your business card and be used as the primary company number. 

How to choose the best type of number?

Any type of non-geographic numbers is good to go, and each has its benefits. To find the perfect type for you, check what is available in your particular country. You can start by asking your VoIP provider about the variety of available numbers and the opportunities they give you. 


All in all, there are many ways a company can benefit from using non-geographic numbers. From a customer perspective, a national number makes a business look well-established and easy-to-reach, especially if they can call it for free. From a financial perspective, non-geographic numbers spare the business the trouble of having an office in every city that it covers. Finally, the pricing for such numbers is usually unified and clear, so calculating expenses is easy. After all, the best way to see all the benefits is to try.