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Maximize Your Sales Outreach

Optimize your outbound calling operations with CommPeak's predictive outbound dialer. Our outbound dialer for business streamlines your contact center's productivity, getting your agents through to more live customers all day long.

  • 1000s of Call Routing Options
  • Customizable Lead-Agent Matching
  • Real-Time Queue Management
  • Magnified Performance Results

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What Is an Outbound Dialer for Business?

A cloud-based outbound dialer solution is a technology that, in its most basic form, automates the dialing process. Businesses that utilize outbound dialer software can also customize the communication tool to help them connect with more customers.

  • 1000s of call routing rules
  • Automatic callback options
  • Manual queue organization

120% Average Annual Business Growth


Enhance Your Productivity With Predictive Outbound Dialer

Automate your outgoing call practices to reach your targets faster.

Leverage Time More Skillfully

Instead of wasting time dialing phone numbers and logging updated customer data, you can focus your energy on closing sales and fostering customer relationships with our outbound dialer software.

  • Rapidly integrate any internal CRM
  • Connect with live customers only
  • Invest resources in higher priorities

Multiply Conversion Rates

Our outbound dialer delivers more chances to boost your sales by streamlining your standard outbound calling procedures. By maximizing your talk time, you'll reach the viable leads first.

  • Create the ideal lead-agent match
  • Talk to more customers daily
  • Develop reliable, profitable call scripts

Discover Operational Insights

With CommPeak's regularly scheduled reports, your business can discover patterns and tweak them to be better. Our predictive outbound dialer reveals new information about your success.

  • Optimize internal procedures
  • Review inefficient call practices
  • Effortlessly measure KPI achievements

Advantages of Outbound Dialer Software

Our outbound dialer is customizable to meet your business needs. No matter what your goal is, we intelligent dialer can help you reach it.

Quick Connections

Instantly connect with your valued leads and customers.

No Manual Tasks

No more dialing or manual information logging.

Maximized Uptime

Use your extra time to be more productive throughout the day.

More Opportunity

With more connections, there more chances to make sales.

Instant Relationships

Offer personalized services that are tailored to the client.

How Does the CommPeak Predictive Outbound Dialer Work?



Sign up for our leading services at MyCommPeak for free, then reach out to the sales team to activate your outbound dialer for business.



Integrate your contact center’s internal management system with our outbound dialer software, and upload your latest calling list.



Configure your new predictive outbound dialer to operate automatically according to your specific business requirements.



You're all set to start calling your customers! In seconds, your contact center agents will be communicating more efficiently.

Power Dialer Pricing

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per day /
per active seat*

Only pay for what you use!

  • You‘ll only be charged for the maximum number of concurrent active, talking seats on a given day.
  • If your maximum number of simultaneous callers decreases the next day, so, too, do your costs.

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