Sales-Boosting Virtual Phone Numbers in China

Stay on top of the competition in fast-paced market with a virtual phone number in China. Establish direct communication with Chinese clients using our reliable DIDs.

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Why Should I Get a Chinese Virtual Phone Number?

Chinese consumers look abroad for quality. But to close sales, brands need more than just a tag telling where the product is made; they need to sell individualization. CommPeak’s Chinese virtual phone number enables your business to create a distinct brand voice and deliver personal engagement at a low cost.

    Custom Chinese Phone Number

    Enhance global appeal with a direct line of communication.

    Concurrent Channel Capabilities

    Keep up with demand and purchase additional channels.

    Easy Two-Way Communication

    Increase brand loyalty with 24/7 customer service and sales.

    Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

    Manage virtual phone numbers with an intuitive user portal.

CommPeak’s DID Numbers for China


    Local, geographical numbers position your business directly in the area.

    • Assigned to a specific area

    • Calls charged at local rates

    • For individuals and businesses


    Toll-free phone numbers generate trust with your existing and potential clients.

    • Free of charge for incoming caller

    • Local or global toll-free numbers

    • Used for high call volumes


    Non-geographic DID numbers aren't tied to a specific location within the country.

    • Non-regional specific, just country

    • Reachable across the nation

    • Ideal to collect payments and data

How to Buy a Chinese Virtual Phone Number Online


Select Type of Number

Sign up for a free CommPeak account. Take a tour of our contact center platform and all our tools.


Test Call Quality to China

Use your free credit and call with a softphone. Experience a higher-quality VoIP connection to China.


Contact Our Sales Team

Submit the required documents to buy a virtual phone number in China. Wait 24-72 hours for activation.


Start Calling Your Customers

After getting a notification, log in to your CommPeak account. Then start connecting with Chinese customers.

Establish a Local Presence

Go Beyond China

Expand your coverage to 75+ destinations and maximize your business reach.


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