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Widen your business horizon. CommPeak’s international phone numbers enable you to stay connected with customers and reach more prospects worldwide.

  • Two-Way Communication
  • SMS-Supported Phone Numbers
  • Call Locally in + 75+ Countries
  • Intuitive User Interface
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What is an International Number?

An international number is a phone number with a specific country code attached to it, such as +380 for Ukraine or +49 for Germany.

  • Businesses use international numbers to call customers outside of their country.
  • For example, a company in the USA can use an international number to call like a local in Peru.
  • International VoIP numbers significantly increase your answer rates.

Maximize Your Customer Reach With International Phone Numbers

Compete on the global stage with low-cost international rates.

Reduce Costs With International VoIP Numbers

Long-distance calls can quickly burn a hole in your budget, with providers charging you extra fees on top of their basic rates. CommPeak offers low-cost VoIP termination calls so you can focus on customer acquisition and retention.

  • Generate cost-savings with pay-per-use billing
  • Access highly competitive VoIP rates worldwide
  • Use SIP trunks instead of physical phone lines

Easily Expand Your Global Markets

Global expansion doesn’t necessarily mean having multiple offices spread all over the world. As the age-old proverb goes, work smarter, not harder. Global phone numbers let you explore and extend your services worldwide without needing a physical presence.

  • Grow your business without regional offices
  • Widen your customer base and learn new insights
  • Access previously untapped markets overseas

Increase Answer Rates with Local Caller IDs

There’s nothing that can kill a potential sale faster than an unknown number. Even if the caller picks up the phone, they’ve already decided not to listen. International numbers let you cross borders and connect locally, decreasing costs and increasing conversion.

  • Appeal to locals with a recognizable number
  • Maximize contact rates and overall conversions
  • Explore new lead generation opportunities
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Build a Global Company With a Local Presence

International calling numbers are a cost-efficient way of positioning your business outside of your region and gaining new customers.

  • Using numbers specific to a geographic area
  • Replacing numbers as necessary
  • Providing toll-free numbers
  • Using localized caller ID
  • Boosting brand reputation
  • Enabling worldwide accessibility

International VoIP Numbers Features

Rapid Set Up

Call our sales team, and they will process your request as soon as possible.

Superior Call Quality

Strategically placing our 10 PoPs, we ensure low PDD with our VoIP services.

Intuitive User Portal

Review call statistics and monitor usage. Track answer rates and total costs.

Two-Way Communication

Make and receive calls with virtual phone numbers with international prefixes.

Concurrent Channel Options

Create multiple channels. You also have the option to add more at a later time.

Maximized Answer Rates

Customers are statistically more likely to answer when they recognize the prefix.

Uninterrupted Coverage With Global VoIP Services

Uninterrupted Coverage With Global VoIP Services

International phone numbers, allow you to place calls as far as the other side of the globe. However, you still need to ensure that the connection is quick and uninterrupted. CommPeak’s world-class VoIP services include the most efficient routing options.

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How to Get a Phone Number for International Calling From CommPeak


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Create an account with CommPeak and check the international calling rates in our User Portal. You can also check for coverage on our website.


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Select the number you want and contact our sales team. Submit documents for verification if required. They will process your request as quickly as possible.



Start making or receiving calls with your international phone number. Use it with our Cloud PBX or CommPeak Dialer and easily track your success rates.

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