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Boost Your Marketing With Virtual Numbers for SMS

A virtual SMS number from CommPeak enables you to harness the simple yet effective way of connecting with customers via text, from one-time pins to targeted SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Two-Way Communication
  • SMS-Supported Phone Numbers
  • Call Locally in + 75+ Countries
  • Intuitive User Interface
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What is a Virtual SMS Number?

A virtual SMS number is a DID (Direct Inward Diaiing) number that’s capable of sending and receiving text messages.

  • DID numbers for SMS can have local or regional-specific prefixes.
  • Virtual SMS numbers are not directly tied to a physical mobile line or device.
  • They are often used for privacy, business communication, and online verification.

Boost Customer Engagement With a Virtual SMS Number

Stay top of mind with your clients using instant SMS marketing.

Leverage High SMS Delivery Rates

SMS messages have a 98% delivery rate, 90% of which are opened within three minutes. Texts are simple, straightforward and you don’t the internet to read them, making SMS a reliable form of communication for urgent and important information.

  • Implement an unlimited number of use cases 
  • Use cost-effective two-way virtual SMS numbers
  • Choose between static or random sender IDs

Access a Dedicated SMS Platform

Customers are constantly inundated with marketing messages. Nowdays, a quick internet search motivated by curiosity will get you houndedby targetted  ads. How can your marketing team cut through all that noise? Use a dedicated platform for effective SMS marketing.

  • Automate and preschedule SMS workflows
  • Personalize promotional bulk SMS campaigns
  • Instantly adjust to local policies and sending times

Enjoy Cost-Efficient Engagement

While it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one, customer retention requires consistent engagement. These expenses can stack up overtime. Workaround monthly fees and additional equipment using virtual numbers from CommPeak

  • Generate cost savings with pay-per-use billing
  • Reduce the average cost to reply per customer
  • Access competitive VoIP rates for global operations
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Use Virtual Numbers With Mobile Connectivity

Virtual numbers can be used in a variety of ways to augment your inbound and outbound campaigns beyond SMS.

  • Enjoy low-cost A-Z SIP termination calls
  • Use vanity numbers that reflect your business
  • Buy as many as you need to boost sales
  • Use local DID numbers for worldwide SMS
  • Expand with non-geographic DID numbers
  • Provide global toll-free numbers to clients

Virtual SMS Number Features

Rapid Activation

Get your virtual SMS number with a few clicks and start using immediately.

Concurrrent Channel Options

Use multiple channels per number. Additional channels can be purchased.

Unique Personalizations

Add links, use shortcodes, add recipient’s name. Try out in-depth A/B testing.

Contact Management

Assign, edit, and reuse your contact list in targeted campaigns for personalization.

Multipurpose SMS

Launch a variety of SMS campaigns including promos and special offers.

Full Visibility

Review your campaign results and replace virtual SMS numbers as necessary.

Launch Strategic SMS Campaigns With TextPeak

Launch Strategic SMS Campaigns With TextPeak

CommPeak offers a user-friendly platform that enables you to create, execute, and review SMS campaigns easily so you don’t waste your time on spray and pray tactics.

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Create targeted SMS campaigns - Send SMS based on customer timezone - Optimize campaigns with A/B testing

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Start sending bulk texts with your chosen prefix. If you need a dedicated platform for SMS marketing, schedule a free demo for our SMS platform, TextPeak.

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