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Quickly gain your competitive edge. CommPeak’s VoIP call center solutions provide a cloud-based integrated platform to help you satisfy your client’s inbound and outbound call center needs at a highly-competitive price.

  • Global VoIP Coverage
  • Customizable Cloud PBX
  • Intelligent, Predictive Dialer
  • Toll-Free Virtual Numbers

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Increase Client Satisfaction With CommPeak’s VoIP Call Center Solutions

Deliver world-class call center services with cost-efficient Cloud-based solutions.

Boost Sales With Our Cloud Services

Companies outsource VoIP call center services to unburden themselves of communication responsibilities. So, how do you meet client demands while keeping operational costs low? CommPeak’s cloud-based solutions enable you to achieve both.

  • Connect to landline and mobile phones worldwide
  • Use scalable proprietary call center solutions
  • Generate cost savings with pay-per-use billing

Unlimited Client Customization

Your clients’ needs can vary depending on their size, goals, and industry. You need VoIP call center software that can adapt to different types of businesses and the demands of their customers. CommPeak’s in-house solutions are customizable at no extra cost.

  • Set up your IVR to streamline your incoming calls
  • Distribute calls based on business hours, need, etc.
  • Configure your Cloud PBX in less than 48 hours

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Call center jobs are typically known as stressful and demanding jobs. It doesn’t help that the average turnover rate in the industry is 30%. Break the stereotype with cloud call center solutions that enhance, not squeeze, the best out of your agents.

  • Work remotely or seamlessly from site to site
  • Route calls based on skills and experience
  • Guide and assist agents during live calls

How CommPeak’s VoIP Call Center Software Helps You Succeed

CommPeak’s cloud call center solutions boost productivity without sacrificing the quality of service.

Global Capabilities

We offer various calling routes to destinations worldwide.

Competitive Rates

Access competitive global VoIP rates and only pay for what you use.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline workforce management and minimize overall downtime.

Automated Call Routing

Use advanced routing strategies for both inbound and outbound communications.

Easy Internal Calling

Talk to your team for free! Keep everyone updated with the latest information.

Performance Reports

Access real-time call metrics and KPIs. Receive regularly scheduled reports.

Cloud-Based vs. On-Premise Solutions



  • Deployment

    Resources are hosted in the cloud. No additional hardware required.

  • Cost

    Pay-per-use. No setup, installation, or maintenance costs.

  • Control

    Cloud service provider is responsible for data security and encryption.

  • Compliance

    Cloud provider is responsible for ISO certifications and compliance.


  • Deployment

    Resources are deployed in-house, which requires IT infrastructure.

  • Cost

    Ongoing costs for hardware, space, power consumption, and IT staff.

  • Control

    Enterprise retains data that requires on-premise cybersecurity.

  • Compliance

    Enterprise is responsible for necessary certification and compliance measures.

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