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Healthcare Call Center Software for Outstanding Customer Care

CommPeak’s phone systems for healthcare ensure patients can always get through to their healthcare provider. Our customizable solutions keep critical information up-to-date, creating a personalized, efficient experience for workers and patients.

  • Unique Workflow Automations
  • End-to-End Security Protocols
  • Management System Integration
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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Power Up Your Calls With CommPeak’s Healthcare Call Center Software

Optimize your healthcare office’s performance with customizable cloud-based solutions.

Reduce Patients’ Wait Times

Healthcare patients get frustrated with long wait times. But with CommPeak, you can give your customers the quick, effective service they deserve. Our easy integrations ensure you always have access to the most updated information, minimizing any delays.

  • 50+ CRM and management system integrations
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) custom configurations
  • Effortless call transfer to reach optimal agent

Streamline Medical Update Workflow

With your staff so busy, it’s easy for miscommunications to occur. Our medical office phone system assists your healthcare business in overcoming this challenge. CommPeak’s tools ensure that data is automatically shared, keeping users in the know.

  • Real-time updates of customer information
  • Simple queue management dashboard
  • Configurable auto callbacks and followups

Safeguard Your Patient Information

Particularly when handling medical files, data sensitivity is crucial. To ensure your patients are protected, CommPeak employs the strictest security protocols. We comply with all industry regulations and take extra measures to safeguard your information.

  • ISO 27001:2013 and 27001:2019 certified
  • End-to-end encryptions and military-grade security
  • Single sign-in authentication protocols

How VoIP for Healthcare Bolsters Your Business’s Performance

With CommPeak’s call center software for healthcare, your customers and team can succeed.

Global Capabilities

Call your patients anywhere in the world. Provide outstanding global healthcare.

Customizable IVR

Our team configures your IVR exactly how to need to reduce your wait times.

Personalized Care

With our 50+ CRM integrations, you can give patients highly customized service.

Stay Up to Date

Automatically sync all of your communication data to one platform.

Effortless Internal Calling

Communicate with team members for free with our VoIP for healthcare tools.

Call Recordings

Easily record any of your calls and transcribe them for an easy review process.

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Start Operating

Begin using your cloud-based medical office phone system and experience a more efficient and effective working environment.

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