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Instantly Connect a Global Mobile IT Workforce

Communicate as a modern tech company with CommPeak’s IT call center software. With our cloud communications platform, you can build long-lasting customer relationships worldwide and offer the type of support your customers require.

  • High-Quality A-Z VoIP Routes
  • Customizable Cloud PBX
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Local DIDs in 75+ Countries

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Increase Customer Satisfaction With IT Call Center Software

Instantly your brand reputation as a global technology innovator.

Increase Your Credibility

It goes without saying that as an IT company, your customers expect you to have innovative tools in your arsenal as an expert in your field. Every modern tech company needs a reliable cloud solution. Access a customizable business communication platform backed by robust VoIP services to enhance your brand reputation.

  • Leverage cloud mobility to scale on-demand
  • Deliver 24/7/365 tech support without interruptions
  • Personalize customer service with CRM integration

Consolidate Communications

As your company grows, you need connected infrastructure to support it. Simplify your tech stack using a unified solution to meet all your communication needs. With CommPeak’s IT call center software, you’ll have a centrally-managed platform to help your customers achieve their goals.

  • Call any destination with a single provider
  • Monitor a global virtual workforce in real-time
  • Manage call center operations in one platform

Empower a Global Workforce

Whether you’re a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) tech company, users expect you to be readily available for any issues and anticipate their problems with your product. Equip your agents with IT call center software to help them provide the technical expertise your customers need.

  • Assign agents to specific queues and skill groups
  • Automate workflow to increase productivity
  • Access in-depth analytics for training and improvement
Boost Your Sales With CommPeak

Communicate More Effectively. Optimize the Customer Experience.

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How CommPeak’s IT Call Center Software Keeps Your Business Profitable

Streamlined Support

Provide efficient and effective technical expertise to retain your customers.

Easy Engagement Channels

Increase engagement for a better user experience and to boost your reputation.

Performance Insights

Take more ownership with in-depth analytics and identify new sales opportunities.

Communication Consistency

Ensure agents have consistent product knowledge with free internal calls and CDRs.

Expanded Global Coverage

Broaden your tech support options with global virtual numbers in over 75 countries.

United Platform

Connect sales, marketing, and customer service teams from a single interface.

The Benefits of Using an IT Call Center Software



  • Deployment

    Resources are hosted in the cloud. No additional hardware required.

  • Cost

    Pay-per-use. No setup, installation, or maintenance costs.

  • Control

    Cloud service provider is responsible for data security and encryption.

  • Compliance

    Cloud provider is responsible for ISO certifications and compliance.


  • Deployment

    Resources are deployed in-house, which requires IT infrastructure.

  • Cost

    Ongoing costs for hardware, space, power consumption, and IT staff.

  • Control

    Enterprise retains data that requires on-premise cybersecurity.

  • Compliance

    Enterprise is responsible for necessary certification and compliance measures.

Acquire More Customers with IT Call Center Services

There is no shortage of software solutions in the market; differentiating on features alone is not enough. The CommPeak Dialer lets you establish rapport with your prospects to show that you are a tech enabler can improve performance and productivity.

  • Ideal lead-agent matching
  • Customized dialing ratios
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reports and analytics

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