Real Estate Phone System

Elevate the Real Estate Buying Experience

Optimize the sales process and close deals quicker. Using CommPeak’s real estate phone system, agents turn one sale into multiple opportunities, clients have a smooth buying experience, and companies sell more properties.

  • High-Quality A-Z VoIP Routes
  • 50+ CRM Integration
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Toll-Free Virtual Numbers

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Close Every Deal With VoIP Phone for Real Estate

Connect buyers and sellers with flexible cloud-based communication tools.

Empower Real Estate Agents

A single missed call can mean the potential loss of a homebuyer or tenant. But CommPeak’s real estate phone system equips your agents with mobile, wireless communications, so they're easily reachable whether hosting an open house or giving a tour.

  • Install our free Softphone on multiple devices
  • Effortlessly get back to clients with one click
  • Call any destination worldwide with a single provider

Unify Business Communications

Real estate is all about location, so you need to be wherever there’s market demand, whenever customers need it. CommPeak’s real estate phone system streamlines all communications to keep property managers, agents, and their clients connected.

  • Use a virtual receptionist to manage incoming calls
  • Handle all communications in one integrated platform
  • Integrate your CRM for two-way automatic data sync

Cultivate Relationships for More Sales Opportunities

The real estate sales process isn’t easy for everyone involved - it can be tedious for buyers and time-consuming for agents. CommPeak’s real estate phone system enables real-estate employees to create an enjoyable buying process for higher conversions.

  • Route calls to agents who are out of the office
  • Host a conference call with up to six people
  • Use a custom virtual number for direct callback

Seamless Communication With CommPeak’s VoIP for Real Estate

Global Opportunities

Connect clients, managers, and agents across global operations with one platform.

Flexible Phone System

Manage business communications and easily adjust to market evolutions.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Leverage a scalable real estate phone system that you only have to pay according to use.

Streamlined Communications

Use one network for voice and data by using VoIP instead of landline connections.

Industry-Specific Customizations

Provide listing information, route calls, send voicemail to email, and much more.

Greater Conversion Opportunity

Configure your auto attendant, create ring groups, and prioritize your call orders in real-time.

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