Restaurant Phone System

Make Sure Your Diners Come First

Keep the lines of communication open with CommPeak’s phone system for restaurants. With our reliable cloud-based solution, your customers will always be able to reach out with reservation requests, general inquiries, or anything else they might need.

  • Interactive Voice Response 
  • Robust VoIP Calling Routes
  • Management System Integrations
  • Voicemail and SMS to Email

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Never Miss a Call Again With Our Phone System for Restaurants

Choose the communication provider with the most reliable global network.

Enhance Your Calling Availability

Your business will connect with customers via the shortest calling routes, ensuring the clearest quality. Our strategically positioned infrastructure keeps the network running smoothly, maximizing your uptime and keeping you connected to customers.

  • Connect to the closest of our 10 regional switches
  • Experience minimal calling delays and interruptions
  • Monitor your connectivity with our free Speed Test

Customize Solutions for Efficiency

Each of our tools is flexible and scalable to meet your restaurant’s communication needs. You can establish both inbound and outbound calling options and automate routine processes to minimize your customers’ wait times.

  • Automatically route calls to the appropriate employee
  • Integrate CommPeak solutions with 50+ internal CRMs
  • Effortlessly incorporate additional calling extensions

Access Live Support 24/7/365

If your restaurant is ever experiencing an issue or if you simply have a question about our solutions, you can get in touch with CommPeak’s dedicated live support team whenever you need.

  • Contact us via ticket, live chat, or WhatsApp
  • Chat with a committed, friendly representative
  • Experience fast resolutions and low wait times

Our Restaurant Phone System

With CommPeak, your guests can always get through to your restaurant. By eliminating the unnecessary delays and connection your business will:

  • Receive a higher average volume of daily calls and return calls efficiently.
  • Communicate effectively with other team members. Call internally for free.
  • Ensure potential diners can always book reservations, no matter how busy you are.

Streamline Your Customers’ Journeys With Our Intelligent IVR

Pre-Recorded Announcements

Create a message with the information people most want to know.

Categorical Calling Queues

Direct your customers to the calling queue most relevant to their inquiry.

Unlimited Forwarding Options

Create as many call forwarding options as your business requires.

Direct User Extensions

Send your incoming callers directly to the employee assigned to the issue.

Voicemail to Email

Configure your IVR to send customers’ voicemails directly to your email.

Multiple Routing Layers

Implement sub-IVRs to give the most specific information available.

Time-Specific Automations

Ensure customers can only reach certain extensions during specific hours.

External Call Forwarding

Direct callers to a phone number outside of your restaurant or business.

Tailorable IVR per PBX

If you utilize multiple PBXes, you can configure each one individually.

Confirm More Reservations With CommPeak’s SMS Service

With our SMS Service, you can send bulk messages to the diners scheduled to eat at your restaurant, allowing them to effortlessly confirm their reservations, keeping your information up to date.

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