Hospitality Contact Center Solution

Elevate Your Guests’ Travel Experience

Deliver a 5-star customer experience with cost-efficient VoIP services. CommPeak’s hospitality contact center solution equips your staff with high-quality cloud-based communication tools, boosting operational efficiency, customer loyalty, and brand reputation.

  • High-Quality A-Z VoIP Routes
  • Easy-to-Setup Cloud PBX
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Free Business Softphone

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Provide World Class Customer Service With Our Hospitality Contact Center Solution

Increase your bookings with cloud-based communication solutions.

Stay Competitive with Superior VoIP

Customers are more inclined to remember the bad than the good. It’s critical to provide responsive and consistent service to maintain brand loyalty. CommPeak’s hospitality phone systems ensure a seamless, positive communication with your clientele.

  • Manage a large flow of incoming calls
  • Recieve and make low-cost international calls
  • Provide a virtual receptionist for guests

Offer Your Services Worldwide

Although each branch needs its own communication needs, there’s a limited budget. CommPeak offers integrated hospitality phone systems, making it efficient and cost-effective for travel and hospitality companies with global operations.

  • Enjoy transparent, pay-per-use billing
  • Use one integrated platform for all properties
  • Adopt local numbers for international operations

Respond to Seasonal Demands

Seasonal trends stretch the limits of your staff and resources. On-premise solutions can’t deliver on-demand scalability because they rely on costly, bulky phone systems. CommPeak offers flexible cloud-based business communication to meet your needs.

  • Add or reduce extensions whenever needed
  • Install our free Softphone on multiple devices
  • Implement highly specific routing customizations
Boost Your Sales With CommPeak

Communicate More Effectively. Maximize the Customer Experience.

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Our Top-Notch Hospitality Contact Center

CommPeak’s hospitality phone systems automate communications for your staff and adapt to your business needs to help generate revenue.

  • Start and expand at with no commitment costs. You only pay for what you use.
  • Access a user-friendly platform that helps you unify business communications.
  • Enjoy highly competitive VoIP rates and minimize your maintenance costs.

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Hospitality Contact Center Solution

Cost Savings

Reduce operational expenses with some of the lowest VoIP rates on the market.

Scalable Tools

Quickly scale your communication solutions as your travel business grows.

Global Capabilities

Make calls and send SMS messages to customers worldwide with CommPeak.

Stay Connected 24/7

Download our free WebRTC Softphone to stay connected even when onsite.

Efficient Desk Management

Improve your front desk’s reception efficiency with a customizable IVR.

Superior Call Quality

No matter where your customers are located, enjoy crystal-clear connections.

Offer Your Hospitality Around the World With Global VoIP Services

Attract customers worldwide with high-quality VoIP termination. Empower global travelers to get in touch with your business, making you the go-to destination for people looking for the ultimate customer experience.

  • Enjoy high-quality calls with tier 1 providers
  • Reduce calling interruptions and delays
  • Maximize your potential customer base
  • Call more directly with local termination (PSTN)

Hospitality Contact Center Solution FAQs