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Best tools that will increase the efficiency of your call center

Commpeak Blog

October 21, 2020

Out of many channels of communication with customers, voice calls are extremely effective. Personal approach to leads and real-time communication impact their decision making like no message does. At the same time, it is probably the most resource-consuming method. Calling clients includes a lot of routine processes that steal valuable time that agents could spend making sales. Luckily, there are several tools that help to save this time. Here are the most effective ones.

Answering machines

For the businesses that have a busy customer support service, answering machines are similar to chatbots (with less AI involved). If a customer can solve their problem without talking with an agent, an answering machine can guide them through this experience. If they can’t do that, a machine will help them connect with someone who can help them. 

Lead distribution software

It is something a business can get as an addition to a VoIP connection. If the company receives loads of incoming traffic, this tool will make lead distribution and management systemized and easy. It distributes all kinds of traffic straight to relevant agents according to a specific pre-set criteria. For example, it sorts leads according to language spoken, type of the request, or agent’s skills. It can be any other principle that works for you. Our CommPeak Lead Routing does a great job automating lead distribution according to a specific logic. As a plus, the manager has access to all the statistics regarding every call and inquiry.  

Dialing automation

Also available as a VoIP solution, a predictive dialer does even more work for agents. Not only does it call leads by itself, it also takes into account the appropriate time to call them and displays the caller ID that is typical for their region automatically. It saves dialing and ringing time, as well as prevents misdials and other human-related mistakes. Just like that, CommPeak Dialer does almost all the routine automatically, while agents only talk to customers. 


With all the routine processes optimized, companies can reach a bigger number of customers and make more deals. Plus, agents can focus on efficiency of each call and forget about everything that doesn’t make sales.  For companies it’s worth considering the most efficient ways to optimize the process of communications and picking what suits their business goals.