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How Do You, the CTO, Discover the Best Operational Communication Solution?

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
June 10, 2021
Discover the Best Operational Communication Solution

As software engineers continue to automate social interactions and services, customers find themselves increasingly longing for human connectivity. That’s where the 21st-century contact center comes in, offering excellent service and support. However, even those with reliable contact centers have felt the pressure of maintaining their competitive edge. 

The responsibility of doing so is typically entrusted to the chief technology officer (CTO). However, with so many factors to regard, it’s hard to know where to begin. Fortunately, we investigated CTOs’ key concerns before adopting or updating their business’ communication solutions. The following three factors are the first of many aspects they explore before making any final decision.  

For more critical considerations, stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, or read the eBook: “What Keeps You, the CTO, Awake at Night? Part 1: Worrying About Your Call Center’s Future.”

Let the Search Begin…

1. Switching to the Cloud?

The contact center CTO must decide whether they want to utilize on-premise solutions or cloud-based VoIP solutions. Although plain old telephone services’ independent power supply is helpful during emergencies, there are few other advantages to the dated technology. On the other hand, VoIP does not require on-site equipment, opening up new contact center opportunities. 

The Intelligent CTO’s Choice

Choosing VoIP communications can save the CTO’s contact center between 40% to 50% per month. The annual savings far outweighs any loss incurred during an emergency. To discover precisely how much VoIP saves your business on both local and international calls, in addition to the other cost-effective cloud-based communication tools that become available with VoIP, read more about it here

2. Security and Data Protection

After VoIP technology was invented in 1989, it slowly began replacing the then-standard contact center best practices. As when all new technologies are introduced, consumers were concerned about their data’s potential vulnerabilities. Data protection is crucial, and the CTO of any sized company knows that security should be the top priority before implementing any new type of soft- or hardware. 

The Intelligent CTO’s Choice

In reality, VoIP is just as safe, if not safer, than other types of solutions. CommPeak’s Head of Product, Amichai Hadad, explains the security benefits of VoIP and the various measures implemented to protect your data. The CTO should also know that trustworthy VoIP providers comply with international security standards, such as GDPR and supplemental data protection measures. 

3. Contact Center Operational Efficiency Improvement  

Cloud-based communications streamline daily procedures, dramatically reducing idle time and manual labor. VoIP services save contact center employees hours per week that they would otherwise waste on mundane tasks. To learn how many minutes per day your agents can save with VoIP, read more

Additionally, CTOs should consider that cloud-based operational solutions can be harnessed from anywhere with a solid internet connection, allowing workers to maximize their productivity.

The Intelligent CTO’s Choice

Not all cloud-based providers create their products with the same time-saving features. The CTO should also select a communication solution with a wide variety of smart operational tools that integrates fully with their contact center’s CRM. This advantage will save agents the hassle of switching between screens and tracking data on multiple platforms. 

CommPeak’s Cloud: The CTO Gets the Best

CommPeak’s operational communication solution boosts the CTO’s contact center’s productivity securely while cutting costs. With an extensive network of Tier 1 providers and shorter routing, the contact center’s VoIP call connection will be nothing less than superior

CommPeak’s predictive Dialer is the most customizable in the market. In addition to automating the basic operations such as task distribution and dialing, these tools deliver leads and other responsibilities to the right agent at the right time. 

With CommPeak, the CTO’s contact center’s data is the number one priority. On top of adhering to stringent legal requirements, CommPeak is also ISO 27001:2013 certified and takes active measures to protect physical and network security. 

More CTO Considerations

While communication solution type, potential efficiency, and security are crucial imperatives for the CTO, there are even more essential factors to consider before making the final decision. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, or read the eBook: “What Keeps You, the CTO, Awake at Night? Part 1: Worrying About Your Call Center’s Future,” to learn more about the importance of customization options, future adaptability, KPI tracking capabilities, and more. 

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