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Discover Which Solutions Take Your Call Center to the Next Level

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March 4, 2021

Whether your company is a large call center that handles high call volumes every day or a small business that only caters to a niche set of clientele, your communication systems must nevertheless always be up-to-date and cost-effective. Choosing the right communication solution package from the best vendor often makes a critical difference to your business’s service level. 

Although owners and executives alike often start the research process of the various ways they can upgrade their communication services, they usually become overwhelmed by the abundance of choices in today’s market. However, with CommPeak, the search can finally be over. Our Dialer and Cloud-based PBX, a part of CommPeak’s full-suite SaaS innovative communication solutions, will undoubtedly satisfy all your business requirements. 

Cloud PBX vs. the Auto Dialer: What’s the Difference?

When selecting a reliable business communication solution, most companies utilizing VoIP services will choose one of the two most prominent management options — PBX or an Auto-Dialer. Although both tools are robust, it is still essential to be aware of their primary dissimilarities. After all, your business is unique and thus requires a personalized solution. 

Let’s evaluate several of these differences:

1. Calls

Cloud PBX: PBX platforms can route calls according to explicitly defined call scenarios. For example, you can direct calls to a specific agent, queue, IVR, or preset phone number. Moreover, CommPeak’s Cloud PBX provides you with the option of setting agents’ work hours so that customers know when they are specifically available. CommPeak’s PBX can also automatically redirect incoming calls to voicemail or alternative agents. 

CommPeak Dialer: A predictive or automated dialer can intelligently dial multiple numbers concurrently based on predefined logic. The calls are then forwarded to the respective agents when they are free, and the customer has answered. According to spoken language, expertise, and other various guidelines that you can configure, the Dialer operates on a rule-based system that automatically routes calls to the appropriately-matched agents.  

2. Reporting 

Cloud PBX: The FreePBX is an open-source project that helps to sort and organize VoIP communications. However, CommPeak’s Cloud PBX was upgraded to include a Stats system. Our system is much more user-friendly. Our Cloud PBX also provides meticulous details and insights into metrics such as the total number of calls, their average duration, and successful versus unanswered. 

CommPeak Dialer: The CommPeak Predictive Dialer employs a highly complex yet intuitive reporting system. Without needing to manually access and listen to multiple call recordings, the Dialer reports offer comprehensive insights into every single call that is placed. With the Dialer, managers can examine all the phone calls’ details, filter the information, and much more. 

For instance, you can review how long agents are logged in, the number and duration of calls made, idle time, etc. Similarly, the shift report provides an overview of all your agents’ performances during a selected period. Managers can inspect the total number of calls, ACD, ASR, and drop rate.  

3. Performance

Cloud PBX: Unlike most PBX solutions that don’t have the means of tracking agent productivity in an organized fashion, CommPeak’s Cloud PBX, as previously mentioned, comes with a PBX Stats, a unique in-house analytics system. PBX Stats supervises the overall performance of your company’s call center. It highlights the total number of calls, the number of successful and unanswered ones, and provides nicely illustrated graphs and reports.

CommPeak Dialer: With the Dialer, managers also get an advanced statistics and management system. The product seamlessly integrates with your CRM, so information is updated in real-time. Furthermore, managers can monitor different desks or single agents and coach them through the rest of the conversation. The Whisper and Barge functions enable managers to pause, whisper to, or clock out agents, even during an active phone call. 

4. Costs

Cloud PBX: While the cost of using the Cloud PBX is usually much cheaper than using the Dialer, it’s essential to keep in mind that the PBX has less functionality. 

CommPeak Dialer: Although more expensive than the Cloud PBX, the CommPeak Dialer helps you save money in other ways. With the Dialer, you only pay for active seats. We don’t charge when the shift changes. Furthermore, CommPeak customers are charged in second-based call billing increments that aren’t rounded up. 

5. Automatic Dialing

Cloud PBX: The Cloud PBX does not have this function. 

CommPeak Dialer: The Dialer automates the dialing process. Agents no longer need to dial manually, thus significantly minimizing idle time and reducing human errors. This solution can dial multiple numbers simultaneously and then forward calls to the agents once available. 

How to Decide Which is Right for Your Call Center? 

When deciding which full-suite communication solution provider is best for your business, it is critical to keep in these three factors:

1. Your Goals

Before researching whether a communication vendor provides solutions for all of your needs, you must first explicitly know them. Outline your business’s budget, needs, and employee requirements. If you don’t know what you specifically need before searching for a communication provider, you ultimately will never find a suitable option. 

2. Future Growth

Selecting your VoIP communication solutions today will also affect the future of your company. Bear in mind that some vendors have solutions that are easily configurable and reconfigurable. You should theoretically be able to add and reduce extensions whenever you need them. What do you envision your company looking like in the future? Find communication solutions that can account for that vision, as well as the present situation. 

3. Professional Consultations

Making a final decision based on content alone is difficult. If you’re struggling with which communication solutions to choose, you should be able to contact a professional. At CommPeak, our dedicated support team is available 24/7. Representatives will discuss our products, listen to your needs, and customize a tailored solution just for your business. Contact us today, and we’ll help you make your decision. 

Want to know more about how the CommPeak Dialer and Cloud PBX help maximize your business’s operational efficiency? Contact our sales team today at [email protected]