Reliable Virtual Phone Numbers in Canada

Get a virtual phone number in Canada. Using CommPeak’s superior VoIP services and dependable DID features, you can connect with more Canadians in each locale.

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Why Should I Get a Virtual Phone Number in Canada?

Canadians are known to be polite, but they won't tolerate brands that overhype products. They prefer honest, personalized business experiences.

    Localized Rates

    Make and receive calls with local caller IDs and rates.

    Intuitive User Portal

    Manage unlimited virtual numbers in an intuitive portal.

    Concurrent Channels

    Boost customer support with concurrent channel options.

    Real-Time KPIs

    Easily access real-time call metrics, costs, and performance.

CommPeak’s DID Numbers for Canada


    Local, geographical numbers position your business directly in the area.

    • Assigned to a specific geographic area

    • Incoming calls charged at local rates

    • Used by individuals and local businesses


    Toll-free phone numbers generate trust with your existing and potential clients.

    • Free of charge for the incoming caller

    • Can be a local or global toll-free number

    • Used for high incoming call volumes


    Non-geographical DID numbers aren't tied to a specific location within the country.

    • Non-regional specific, just country

    • Reachable across the nation

    • Ideal to collect payments and data

How to Buy Canadian Virtual Phone Numbers Online


Select Type of Number

Check our DID coverage for Canada. Create an account in CommPeak.


Submit Your Documents

Contact our expert sales team and submit all the required materials.


Wait for Confirmation

Our experts will process and activate your Canadian virtual phone numbers.


Start Calling Customers

You can use your Canadian virtual phone numbers immediately.

Establish a Local Presence

Go Beyond Canada

Expand your coverage to 75+ destinations and maximize your business reach.


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Tier 1 Connections

Connect With More Customers in Canada

Increase brand recognition in Canada. CommPeak’s practical DID solutions help companies like yours sustain customer loyalty wherever they’re located.

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