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Why Should I Get a Virtual Phone Number in France for My Business?

CommPeak’s virtual numbers allow you to extend your reach and grow your customer base in the French market without needing a regional office. Establish a niche or open more lines of communication with these features:

    Easy Management Dashboard

    A user-friendly portal to manage your French virtual numbers.

    Cost-Effective Billing Rates

    Highly-competitive rates to make and receive calls from France.

    Concurrent Communications

    Concurrent channel options to contact more customers.

    Detailed Analytics and Stats

    In-depth call statistics and reports to improve campaigns.

CommPeak’s DID Numbers for France


    Local, geographic numbers position your business directly in the area.

    • Assigned to a specific geographic area

    • Incoming calls charged at local rates

    • Used by individuals and local businesses


    Non-geographic DID numbers aren't tied to a specific location within the country.

    • Non-regional specific, just country

    • Reachable across the nation

    • Ideal to collect payments and data

How to Buy Virtual Numbers in France Online


Select Type of Number

Sign up for you free account, access the user portal, and start exploring out tools. Contact our sales team.


Submit Your Documents

Submit your IDs and documents for verification. The team will review them as soon as possible.


Wait for Confirmation

Experience rapid activation and deployment. We want to set you up as quickly as possible.


Start Calling Customers

Start making and receiving calls with your French virtual numbers to reach more customers.

Establish a Local Presence

Go Beyond France

Expand your coverage to 75+ destinations and maximize your business reach.


Countries With Local IDs


Tier 1 Connections

Connect With Clients in France Like a Local

Build and cultivate customer relationships in France with the help of an industry expert. CommPeak has 10+ years of industry experience, providing VoIP services for companies like yours.

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