Expansive Virtual Phone Numbers in the UK

Reach more customers in the UK with virtual numbers. Using CommPeak’s reliable DIDs and VoIP services, you can build a local presence across a diverse UK market.

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Why Should I Get a UK Virtual Phone Number?

UK consumers are more loyal than the global average, but it will take more than reward programs to keep them satisfied. But how can you achieve this in a culturally diverse region? Use virtual numbers to build a hyperlocalized approach.

    Cost-Effective Rates

    Reduce international calling costs with a VoIP UK number.

    Various Support Options

    Create multiple channels to connect with more customers.

    Intuitive User Dashboard

    Manage UK virtual numbers with a user-friendly interface.

    In-Depth KPIs and Optimizations

    Monitor performance and costs with in-depth statistics.

CommPeak’s DID Numbers for the UK


    Local, geographic numbers position your business directly in the area.

    • Assigned to a specific area

    • Calls charged at local rates

    • For individuals and businesses


    When you use mobile numbers to call leads, you’ll get more answers.

    • Numbers bound to the country

    • Two-way SMS capabilities

    • For businesses who use via SMS


    Toll-free phone numbers generate trust with your existing and potential clients.

    • Free of charge for incoming caller

    • Local or global toll-free numbers

    • Used for high call volumes


    Non-geographic DID numbers aren't tied to a specific location within the country.

    • Non-regional specific, just country

    • Reachable across the nation

    • Ideal to collect payments and data

How to Buy a UK Virtual Phone Number Online


Select Type of Number

Create an account with CommPeak. Choose the type of DID number you need to reach customers.


Contact our Sales Team

Our sales team will process your request and activate your virtual numbers in the UK.


Wait for Confirmation

You will receive a notification once your virtual numbers are activated. It takes up to 72 hours.


Start Makins Calls to the UK

Use your UK virtual numbers. Connect with customers across the region, benefitting from local costs.

Establish a Local Presence

Go Beyond the UK

Expand your coverage to 75+ destinations and maximize your business reach.


Countries With Local IDs


Tier 1 Connections

Connect With Clients in the UK Like a Local

Focus on enhancing customer experiences, not cutting costs. CommPeak’s cost-efficient DID numbers and superior VoIP services let you connect with UK customers effortlessly from anywhere in the world.

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