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Pro Tips for Leveraging Call Center KPIs and Performance Metrics

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
September 2, 2020
Call Center Metrics

Every call center, no matter the size, accrues a ton of data. In addition to relating to customers and leads, this information also reveals key insights regarding your business’s performance quality. When critically examined, these metrics signify strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to tweak and maximize your best practices

Calibrate Your Optimal AHT

AHT, Average Handle Time, is the average amount of minutes an agent takes to complete the call. Read more to discover more about critical call center KPIs.

If your AHT is too long, it could mean your agents can’t reasonably cope with the scope of their duties. However, if it’s too short, it could indicate a poor customer experience. Assess this metric critically and set reasonable expectations.

To monitor your agents’ conversations and discover the optimal AHT and communication patterns, use CommPeak’s Speech-to-Text.

Reduce Call Complexity And Transfer Rates

Providing agents and sales teams with thoughtful call scripts is a good way to improve your First Call Close (FCC). Agents will build confidence, and customer satisfaction will increase.

Another great strategy to minimizing complexity and transfer rates is to set up an intelligent IVR system that can quickly route your customers to the appropriate agents via an automated system.

Configure your automatic IVR with CommPeak today using the CommPeak Dialer or Cloud PBX.

Set Benchmarks Through Guided Experience

Make sure you calculate your ideal benchmarks using actual stats. You can rely on past campaigns, similar projects in the industry, and any other criteria you see fit. Be realistic while simultaneously keeping your standards high.

Use the unique Cloud PBX stats system to monitor your call center KPIs in real-time easily.

Track Service Level 

Service level is directly tied to customer experience, and to ensure that you maintain this critical KPI, you’ll have to preserve proper staffing. How long your customers have to wait before receiving a response influences their buying choices, so have the appropriate numbers of agents working, especially during peak time, is vital. 

Leveraging to the Fullest Extent

Keeping track of your call center KPIs is an excellent way to optimize processes and help your business grow. That’s why it’s critical for every manager and decision-maker to monitor performance closely and take action when needed.

To streamline this process, contact CommPeak today! We’ll make sure you stay on top.

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