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Remote Call Center: Ongoing Control & Management During COVID-19

Veronika Petrenko

March 26, 2020

Millions of people across the globe are now working remotely for the first time because of the coronavirus pandemic. Call centers, therefore, are under immense pressure to keep their businesses running and find the right tools for work from home monitoring and management. Ready or not, businesses are forced to make this shift and adapt to the new realm fast because of the virus progression. Did you face the same issue? CommPeak is ready to help you.

CommPeak Must-Have Tools for Virtual Call Centers

Okay, my agents are home, now what? CommPeak can aid call centers to remain calm during these unprecedented times and focus on enabling productivity even while working from home. Our virtual call center equipment list includes:

  • Digital environment defense with the CommPeak VPN 

VPN is an essential tool for telecommuting, as it decreases the chances of being hacked, and makes agents feel safe to work from anywhere and anytime. With VPN by CommPeak, you get a static IP address from any of 50+ countries. Besides, you can always stick to the preferred IP address and keep your business data secure no matter your location.

  • Eyes and ears on agents performance using Cloud PBX

There is no hardware or software to install and no hassle with telecom providers. With web-based Cloud PBX by CommPeak, you just need to login and go. It’s an essential tool for both home-based agents and managers that can be synced up with your CRM system to get the most valuable information about your clients. You can easily manage your agents, listen in to their conversations, and get the big picture of their performance with unique CommPeak PBX Stats.

Keep your communication steady with CommPeak telecom solutions. If you deal with international calls daily, you can take advantage of the premium VoIP service. Crystal-clear voice quality is ensured by 10 PoPs across the world in Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA (East & West), and the UK. You can also become closer to your clients with DID numbers from more than 60 countries, and establish a mutual dialogue with them using a bulk SMS solution.

Provide your team with CommPeak progressive remote call center tools and keep your business functioning at its best.