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Maximize Your Answer Rates With Local Caller IDs

CommPeak’s internet phone numbers help you promote your business and brand across the globe. Calling your customers and leads with a local caller ID inspires trust in your brand. With a familiar phone number, your answer rates will significantly improve.

  • 75+ Countries With IDs
  • Non-Geo Phone Numbers
  • Number Activity Tracking
  • Rapid Activation and Use
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Reach More Customers With Virtual Phone Numbers From CommPeak

Call with a localized caller ID to establish a presence without regional offices.

Boost Your Overall Answering Rates

Using a VoIP phone number with a recognizable local prefix drives your leads to pick up the phone, boosting your possibility of closing sales. You’ll increase your answer rates, helping your business to meet its targets and maximize its growth in the market.

  • Expand your business power and reach
  • Instantly maximize sales potential
  • Generate greater brand awareness

Effortlessly Track Operations

When you get a virtual phone number for your business from CommPeak, you’ll have access to the user-friendly dashboard. Instead of worrying about your number’s effectiveness, you can easily monitor all activity and invest more time into your customers.

  • Evaluate number history and usage
  • Reuse virtual numbers for follow-up calls
  • Quickly purchase and activate new numbers

Discover New Market Opportunities

Exploring new regions to sell your products and services has never been so risk-free when you buy a virtual phone number. Without being bound by a physical location, you'll find more leads worldwide and discover an entirely new range of interested buyers.

  • Test consumer bases in 130+ countries
  • Discover willing and ready customers
  • Develop your overall business success

VoIP Phone Numbers Help Your Sales Team Succeed

It is challenging to get leads to answer the phone nowadays. However, voice over IP phone numbers can solve this issue easily.

Maximum Connections

No more waiting around! Speak with more live customers daily.

Increased Conversions

Sales teams will meet their monthly goals more efficiently.

Polished Reputation

Cultivate your business reputation with more talk time.

Valuable Insights

Better understand your customers and optimize call strategies.

Loyal Customers

With local numbers, you’ll develop long term relationships.

Efficient Workflows

The more you talk, the more you’ll figure out what drives sales.

How to Get an Internet Phone Number From CommPeak


Sign Up With CommPeak

Register an account with CommPeak to get connected to our high-quality VoIP routes. Verify your phone number, and you’ll be ready to get started.


Choose Number Type

CommPeak has various types of virtual phone numbers to choose from, including local, toll-free, mobile, and non-geographic. Select the one that fits your needs.


Submit Documents

Depending on the country you’re buying an internet phone number for, you’ll need to provide various identification documents for authentication.


Start Calling Customers

Once your numbers are approved, you can begin dialing leads worldwide. Explore new markets and discover new regions where customers want your services.

Virtual Phone Number FAQs

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