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4 Thrifty Tips for Cutting Contact Center Costs

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
May 19, 2021
How to cutting contact center costs

Establishing a reputable contact center for your business is critical in this day and age, with 73% of consumers reporting positive human interaction factors in their purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, the cost of running this essential business component amounts to, on average, $260,000 per year, excluding training, phone systems, office supplies, and other extras. 

While this figure might initially unnerve you, driving you to believe a contact center isn’t worth the investment, there are foolproof measures you can take to ensure that it is. Even for those businesses that already operate call centers, these money-saving tips can help cut operational costs, guaranteeing the benefits and profitability of a contact center offering personalized customer service. 

The Thrifty Tips

1. Go VoIP!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software eliminates the need to purchase in-house hardware, reducing the initial cost of establishing a contact center by up to 90%. Moreover, cloud-based technology saves businesses around 40% on local calls and 90% on international ones per month. With VoIP, your contact center will reach more customers, maximizing sales opportunities for less money. 

2. Automatic, Ideal Matching

When agents lack the skills to deal with a customer’s specific needs, they must either spend more time than usual solving the issue or transfer the call to another agent. Either way, the call time swells, increasing the cost. 

With a tool that matches agents and customers or leads intelligently and automatically, call charges will reduce significantly. Agents are more compatible with their counterparts, communicating more efficiently and effectively.

3. CRM Integration

If customer-facing employees need to constantly switch between communication tools and internal CRMs during an active phone call, precious time is wasted. Call times take unnecessarily longer than otherwise, and customers start to lose their patience. When all your data is integrated into one user-friendly interface, agents can focus on converting leads, closing sales, and rectifying problems rapidly. 

4. Detailed Stats and Monitoring

Discovering agents’ average call handle time and how they converse with customers is another means to cut operational costs. By examining performance metrics, managers can distinguish between those who spend the most time on calls and those who execute tasks more quickly. 

With the proper tools, they can also listen to call recordings and discern which communication patterns and conventions produce the best, most rapid results. Subsequently, these managers can adopt and implement the most effective practices, lowering average call time and costs. 

Get the Best For Less With CommPeak 

With the CommPeak full-suite operational communication solution, contact centers, newly established and seasoned alike, will significantly benefit from superior quality. Indeed, with CommPeak’s intelligent tools, your business can consistently provide excellent customer service without agonizing over expenses. Every penny spent will be worth it. 

CommPeak’s VoIP Service allows you to communicate with customers worldwide with premium, tailored A-Z termination services. Because of our expansive PoP network and partnerships with an unparalleled number of Tier 1 providers, CommPeak can offer lower rates than competitors. 

Discover how CommPeak saved Optimus Marketing an average of 85% of call charges. 

The CommPeak predictive Dialer automatically connects your leads with the most suitable agents at the right time based on highly customizable options. The ideal matching increases the chances of mutual understanding, reducing call length and cost. 

Our full-suite automated solution integrates with a broad range of CRMs, allowing contact centers to leverage customers’ journeys in real time directly from the communication tool or CRM. No time will be wasted fumbling through different platforms. 

Your contact center will also have the capability to monitor communication performance with the unique Cloud PBX Stats system. Stay updated on the most effective agents, and figure out the more efficient communication methods. You can also easily review conversations with CommPeak’s Speech-to-Text, quickly sifting through transcribed dialogue. 

Although you’ll need to choose between cost and quality with other communication providers, CommPeak will never ask you to make this compromise, offering superior services at competitive prices. 

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