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The Best Tools for Leveraging Your Cloud-Based Contact Center

Cloud PBX TeamCommPeak
July 19, 2021
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Implementing VoIP solutions is a decision that saves companies an average of 30-50% while simultaneously increasing employee productivity. Indeed, that’s why almost a third of businesses worldwide have decided to adopt these cloud-based tools, understanding the immense benefits of the full-suite service. 

However, the baseline advantages of these tools are trivial compared to the abundance of benefits that arise after you begin to incorporate unique customizations. Full-suite solution VoIP providers also offer time-saving software that allows you to leverage the cloud more than average.  

But first, it’s up to you to choose which of these smart tools is best for your business. 

Cloud-Based Customizations for VoIP Call Centers

1. Cloud PBX

A cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) enables your call center to automatically answer calls and route them to an extension that you’ve preconfigured. Cloud PBXs can be resized easily depending on your needs, ensuring you never pay for more than you use. 

Leading communication solution providers also supply highly advanced Cloud PBXs that send you customized reports detailing operational KPIs. Based on your preference, you can examine total call duration, average handle time, total idle time, and more. With every specific configuration, your call center will be one step closer to reaching peak performance

2. Dialer

The predictive Dialer is an intelligent cloud-based software you can adopt to maximize productivity and boost conversion rates. You can customize your Dialer to automatically dial the next customer or lead in a queue either when the agent decides or as soon as they finish the previous call. You can also create custom ratios to ensure that agents are connected with live calls only. 

You can also program your Dialer to match your agents with leads ideally. This handy option improves the chances of closing sales by increasing compatibility. You can customize the pairing process based on spoken language, experience, and more.

3. DID Numbers

DID Numbers are an incredible feature that can only be utilized by those who have adopted a VoIP communication solution. These virtual numbers allow your cloud-based contact center to establish a local presence anywhere in the world without having to be physically nearby. You can select which specific countries you want local Caller IDs for, prompting more leads in those areas to answer the phone.

4. SMS Services

You can also choose to incorporate virtual SMS services on top of your VoIP calling operations. Cloud-based SMS campaigns can be sent out within a matter of clicks, enabling your contact center to reach thousands of leads that might not otherwise answer their phones. You’ll effortlessly broaden your customer base from a single, easy-to-use platform. 

5. Speech-to-Text

Another practical tool that helps to tailor your contact center to cater to your specific needs is Speech-to-Text technology. When you opt to have both agent and customer channels transcribed, you’ll automatically receive scripts of the recordings that can be quickly inspected for keywords and phrases, ensuring agent compliance

You’ll also be able to configure your Speech-to-Text software to recognize multiple languages within a single conversation. Maintaining its accuracy, you can pre-program this service to identify one primary plus three additional languages. 

Customize Smarter With CommPeak

By equipping and customizing your cloud-based contact center with the right combination of these tools, you are virtually guaranteed to boost productivity, increase sales, and optimize the cost-effectiveness of your operations. 

However, when you choose to implement CommPeak’s leading full-suite operational communication solution, you’ll have access to the most intelligent tools on the market, all from one intuitive, user-friendly interface for highly competitive pricing. 

To learn more about how you can customize your VoIP contact center and reach more business targets, contact the CommPeak Team today

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