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The Top 21 Call Center Metrics: KPIs to Keep an Eye On

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
August 20, 2020
Call Center KPIs

21st-century call centers face an enormous challenge, catering to more customers than ever before. Managers like you are often overwhelmed trying to leverage all that data effectively. Nevertheless, it’s critical! These insights can help you optimize campaigns, cut operational costs, and boost sales

With this in mind, the CommPeak team developed the advanced predictive Dialer and Cloud PBX. These innovative cloud-based communication tools provide the necessary information to keep your call center up to date.

The Definitive List of 21 Call Center KPIs

Active and Waiting Calls

One of the most important KPIs your call centers needs is real-time active and waiting calls. CommPeak’s Cloud PBX provides this for you! This real-time metric reveals how your agents handle many calls and how many callers are waiting in the queue.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

A primary indicator of agent productivity, the AHT will be handy when evaluating agent performance, so you can be sure CommPeak offers easy access to this crucial KPI. The handling time shows the average amount of minutes an agent takes to complete the call.

Idle Time

Agents’ idle time will let you know if your call center has management or training issues. Naturally, agents need a break now and then and will be idle when no clients are on the line. However, it’s also possible that they may need a bit more training or motivation. With CommPeak’s Cloud PBX and Dialer, you’ll be able to monitor idle time effortlessly.

Agent Utilization Rate

Recognizing that active daily communication with customers is labor-intensive, managers and supervisors must ensure that staff members spend their time wisely. The agent utilization rate can be calculated by calculating the call volume handled divided by the work capacity.

Calls Answered per Hour (CPH)

This call center performance metric can effectively measure workforce productivity, enabling you to cut operational costs. With CommPeak’s cloud-based calling solutions, you can easily access this metric. Moreover, we show how this metric fluctuates over time, allowing you to observe the different peak times and daily averages.

First Contact Resolution (FCR)

The FCR metric is an excellent way to measure success and net efficiency per agent. Moreover, this metric is an excellent indicator of your level of customer satisfaction. The better their experiences are, the more likely you are to retain customers and boost your sales. With CommPeak, you’ll drive this ratio up.

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First Response Time (FRT)

This KPI is another way to optimize your customer satisfaction levels. The first response time is an average calculation of how long your customers must wait before connecting with an agent. If your business is suffering, keep an eye on this metric. Customers don’t like to wait too long.

Blocked Rate

Another great way to measure customer success and experience is to look at your call center’s blocked rate. This metric reflects the percentage of inbound callers that hear a busy tone due to lack of available agents, incorrectly configured calling queues, or outdated software. If your blocked rate is high, this is a surefire way of letting you know you need to upgrade your communication solutions with CommPeak.

Average Answer Speed

Like the FRT, the average speed of answer shows the precise amount of time it takes your agents to answer the phone during a given period. This metric is important because it allows you to visualize the busiest times of day, enabling you to make adjustments that will help you increase your sales by reaching more customers.

Cost per Call (CPC)

This KPI estimates the average amount you spend per single phone call. When you have easy access to this information, as you will with the Cloud PBX, you can more easily monitor your spending habits. Calls with poor quality will also cost you more, so you’ll want to choose a VoIP service provider with superior call quality and highly competitive pricing.

Revenue per Successful Call

Showing how much income is delivered to your business per successful phone is a great way to measure your growth and development. This metric will help you set targets and examine income-generating potential. You can evaluate this metric over time, discovering if your optimizing techniques were effective or need to be further tweaked.

Cost per Contact

The cost per contact determines how much you invest in your new leads and contacts. Ultimately it reveals whether your spending is cost-effective. Compared to the revenue per successful call, this metric should be less. If the number is higher, then you know you need to either increase your rates or decrease this particular metric. One way to minimize these costs is by choosing a more reasonably priced VoIP vendor, like CommPeak.

Queue Time

There average time in the queue is a solid metric you can stay aware of for the sake of your customers. Even if this number is relatively high, and you don’t want to increase your total number of agents, you can keep your customers informed. While waiting isn’t pleasant, waiting without knowing how much longer you have is even worse.

Active Queue

Want to see how many active calls are currently waiting in your queue. With the Cloud PBX and CommPeak Dialer, that won’t be a problem. Managers should always be aware of the calls waiting in every queue in real-time. Agents and other team members need to stay updated as well so they can manage their time accordingly.

Abandonment Rate

Having a high abandonment rate isn’t a good sign, but it’s better than not being aware of the call center metric! The higher it is, the more frequently customers are leaving the line. This is the moment when your average queue time would come in handy! Customers are less likely to hang up the phone if they know how long they have to wait.

Average After-Call Work Time

After the call, your agents will have to update your databases and fill in additional information you learned during the conversation. With CommPeak, whether you’re using the Cloud PBX or the Dialer, these updates will automatically sync with your CRM, minimizing the average after-call work time.

Service Level

CommPeak will display this KPI in your real-time dashboard. This performance indicator shows you the percentage of calls taken within a custom time range of your choice, helping you to make data-driven decisions. If you want service levels to be high, choose a communication solution that enables you to optimize your operations, like ComPeak.

Average Call Duration

This metric is a bit of a double-edged sword, and what matters most is that you can keep an eye on it in real-time like you can with the CommPeak Dialer and Cloud PBX. Sometimes, short call duration is what you’re aiming for, demonstrating workflow efficiency. At other times, longer call durations indicate that your agents are delivering excellent customer service.

Repeat Calls

Closely related to first call resolution, this call center KPI helps managers better understand the nature of specific recurrent issues or complex requests that customers face repeatedly. You can also take advantage of Speech-to-Text to quickly evaluate these calls in script form.

Hit Rate

This call center metric provides managers with direct insight, showing how many outbound calls on their lead list are picked by potential customers. Your hit rate depends on contact base quality, the way of their lead routing/contact distribution between agents, and whether they use advanced call center software like the predictive Dialer or handle calls manually.

Call Setup Success Rate

Things happen, and not every call (both inbound and outbound) will have a successful connection. Call setup success rates help managers keep track of this KPI. If your success rates are low, it might be time to choose VoIP Service with shorter routing and direct connections to Tier 1 providers

Keep an Eye on Those KPIs With CommPeak

All the metrics listed above are crucial for your call center’s performance and optimization. They can reveal all kinds of problems, from technical to managerial. Optimize your operations and leverage your call center with CommPeak’s leading cloud-based communication tools. 

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